$15-million malpractice verdict against Children's Hospital for death of a three-year-old

Channel 25 reports on a Suffolk County Superior Court jury decision today.



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      How to fix health care costs

      Establish two types of hospitals: those you can sue, and those you can't sue. The latter would obviously be cheaper. Then let people decide which ones they want to use. Require people to establish said choice on their driver's licenses a la organ donor status. That way, these people can get their 15 million without me paying for it.

      No, I didn't read the article before I posted this.

      The two types of hospitals

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      The two types of hospitals issue would pretty well suck if you live in an area where there's only one type of hospital, and you need the other. Not everyone in Massachusetts lives in Boston (or everyone everywhere, for that matter).

      I think 999/1000 times

      people that sue don't win against doctors. Ive heard those medical malpractice lawsuits are tough to win. Very tough.

      That being said, I didn't read the article either but I think its important that hospitals do everything possible to make sure mistakes that lead to deaths don't happen. Being able to be sued for 15 million dollars (still chump change for a hospital like this) is a good detterent to make sure mistakes don't happen.

      except keep in mind...

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      ... the family isn't getting 15 million and the hospital isn't paying it. they reached a pre-trial agreement which capped their award at a lower point (although nobody is saying exactly *what* price) and promised them some award even if the jury ruled against them.

      i am sure it's still a deterrent, but it's not a 15 million deterrent.

      well, another moronic "me me

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      well, another moronic "me me me" comment by will.

      Texas has a bunch of cheap housing and similarly greedy residents if you'd like to try that state out.


      Why the (expletive) would I live in Texas?

      Their government is much more

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      Their government is much more aligned ideologically with your comments. Was just a suggestion, you don't seem to like anything about the politics, government, or liberal bend of the people of the commonwealth.

      A child died, and then there was an attempted cover up. How much was that child's life worth over his lifetime if the doctor didn't make a negligent mistake?

      A lot of people seem to medical malpractice is a shame, only because they now and then read stories of the strange and retarded; litigated by some of the wacko's out there with their online degrees.

      Most medical malpractice firms turn away hundreds of people a year because the doctor did nothing wrong and there's simply no case. They only take cases where the doctor was negligent, and they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that something strange and uncommon happened and that the doctor / nurse / hospital was derelict in it's duties to the patient.

      On top of that, medical malpractice litigation factors into less then 1% percent the cost of medical care. It's really small dollars, and while, like everything, there should be some reform, it's not going to substantially lower anyone's premium.

      Death of Child

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      We know the stories of things like this happening so well. We have sick kids and one has been sick for almost three years. We were not allowed to see the GI doctor by a nurse and with kids that have a disease like our's, you just can't go in to the E.R. or elsewhere for that matter. Negligence is something that happen's for reasons's people would never believe. The fact that a nurse can not like you or rumors of you from a support list online, can actually cause a professional to discriminate against your family, your child, your sick child. They know exactly what they should do yet they won't. then after they find you have found a place to seek care, they want to run tests that should have been done in the first year. Yes, we saw another doctor but he used to work with these men and they don't like him nor believe what he says. We have been through hell watching our child die and trying to get into another hospital but we cannot go to one who is involved by way of Registry's and studies for they will side on the doctor. It is nearly impossible to prove until he dies. Yet, we happen to have so many emails listing so many times we begged for help and went un-heard. To finding that we must go somewhere out of the country in order to get the truth and that plus the money spent on a place that doesn't care makes you very upset. It happens alright. All the time. We had a nurse in the recovery rom tell us not to use the particulair doctor as the one we just happened to get from an ER vissit is good but still not as good as he should have been , leave our appointment to likely aide this very child. We know this hospital was number one in GI and fell to Number three. So, when you take your child elsewhere, they think, well they were at the best. Just like people think St. judes helps all kids for free with all rare diseases. This doesn't even come close to the things you learn later, like a doctor who sat and cried for he felt the pain we were going to face while we had to raise 200K so our child could have a ransplant that would save their life, only to find out she didn't need one and later, he wrote they didn't have such a disease! Yet, we changed our lives around and were just happy we found out but we lost all we had. Doctors in this country and more importantly, healthcare workers like those working the front desks and those without any real knowledge causing problems for your child because they didn't like the way you keep calling to find out when and what had been done. It's a horrible system and we PAY for these people. There should be no cap on suing doctors for until you have a child who suffered and did so because a doctor didn't like one or both parents is the same as torture and if that child died, it's the same as murder. It makes me sick to my stomach. Those who are poor haven't got choices. They are stuck where they live and they can't find the best if on Medicaid which is what will happen to you if you have a sick family. Credit checks show employeers all they need to know and even if you get a job, small companies will dump you.

      Awesome proposal

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      So Will can go to Cantsueme Hospital in the strip mall and get the wrong leg sawn off by Nick Riviera. Because he'll be much more comfortable working at Cantsueme, that'll leave the rest of us to go the quack-free hospital on the other side of town.

      What are you, my dad?

      He pulled the same logic when I was a kid: "Oh, so you want to learn the hard way?" I do. Thank you for asking.