BU becomes first university to get Street View coverage from the Google trike

Google just launched new street view imagery taken by their camera equipped tricycle (the trike) which allows them to take pictures of areas not accessible by car. Along with Legoland, Seaworld, Hershey Park and other attractions, the trike visited BU. The older sun-soaked footage of BU, taken from Comm Ave has been removed.

BU Beach

List of trike locations




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Reminds me of this book

from A Novel and Efficient Synthesis of Cadaverine, by S. A. Scoggin:

The main page of the Allston University website was built around a large picture of happy students strolling on a dense green lawn toward a chrome-and-glass building. Tree branches entered the frame from off camera, reinforcing the impression of a bucolic campus nestled in the rolling New England landscape. The photographer had contrived to exclude from the shot the Mass Pike, Storrow Drive, or any hint of the acres of concrete and asphalt upon which the remainder of Allston University students wore down their Doc Martins. Sharp-eyed surfers, perhaps native to the Boston area, might wonder exactly where this building waited for those chipper virtual students, and those enrolled at the University might believe that in their travels up and down the long urban campus they would certainly come across it eventually. But none ever did. Which in itself would incite no suspicion, for the campus of Allston University stretched across the whole of Allston. School buildings - added through the years, mostly by purchase and occasionally by construction - were interspersed with and indistinguishable from businesses and homes and apartment complexes. The chrome-and-glass building itself was nowhere among them. In fact, no one knew where it was. The web designer had copied it off a CD of stock images for an example, and the University had never given them one to substitute.

Thats the plan Ron. The

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Thats the plan Ron. The minuteman bikeway should be hit for sure in the next few months. The other lesser knowns might have to wait.

Can I send you a list?

Sounds like you work for Google or the mapping company. If I'd like to be sure that Google includes various pedestrian and bike routes on its maps, do you have an address I can send them to? Google Maps pedestrian directions are sometimes frustrating because they don't understand various paths that pedestrians can use but cars can't.

Ron, I do not work for

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Ron, I do not work for google, I'm just a big fan of the mapping service, so I keep up to date with the updates. They recently switched map providers, and the new system attempts to highlight pedestrian routes, like the minuteman. I know they are trying to get the directions system to take advantage of this routing, but I'm not sure on what date they plan on taking that live.

I just wish they'd go back

I just wish they'd go back over the streets where they aimed the lens into the afternoon sun, flaring out the view of one side of the street.

Boston was one of the first

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Boston was one of the first cities they did, so our image quality sucks. The camera is dirty and there is sun everywhere. If you take a look at the newest cities, the image quality is amazing, and I havent seen the sun being an issue, so it looks like they have their technique down. Perhaps they'll redo Boston (and the other founding cities) next year (I think our images are from 2006)

I wish they'd go back over

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I wish they'd go back over the streets that for some reason have been removed from their database! When they first did the street view of Somerville it had our street, but it (the lower half of Glenwood Rd) has since disappeared.


Its possible a neighbor

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Its possible a neighbor complained about having their house visible. Google will remove images if you ask them too.

Me too!

Several blocks around my house were "removed" too. If one person complained, I don't see why 5+ streets were removed. Perhaps the driver got all frustrated with the one-way streets. I tried asking/complaining about it, but who knows if it went anywhere?