Dartmouth students apologize for referring to Harvard athletes in terms usually reserved for Yankees players

The louts got out of hand at a squash competition:

While playing his match, Cohen, the Harvard squash player, was told he had small genitals and asked if he liked bagels, a phrase his mother viewed as a reference to the family's Jewish surname.

Meanwhile, Dartmouth man has trouble dealing with Wellesley women.



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      Quick, someone phone the ADL

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      ...which was explained to her on the spot, a part you left out. For fuck's sakes, a comment about bagels is anti-semitic?!?!

      Readers might like to know that this poor little snowflake wasn't the only one being called names:

      Words such as “dick,” “fag” and “----sucker” were repeatedly shouted at Harvard players last Wednesday, many times with “f------” added as an adjective.

      Harvard's female players eventually sought the protection of an assistant coach after they said they were called “whores” and “sluts” while they cheered on their male peers.

      In the proper context, yes

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      Sure, when you've got a bunch of loudmouth jerks swearing at you in every possible manner, using every single witty term they learned back when they went through puberty a couple months earlier, and then they make reference to bagels, yes, you'd be inclined to think they're being putzes making with the cheap anti-Semitism. And, yes, you'd be inclined not to believe them when they say they were referring to zeros up on the scoreboard (interesting they apologized for that initially, but not the rest of the stuff).

      I believe the secular term

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      I believe the secular term (in this context) is "donut".

      Palpable Ignorance

      The whole "running low on meds" thing is so ridiculously ignorant, it's almost a slur against the fool who utters it. If only people would learn something before they make remarks that make them appear to be ... um ... retarded?

      For the most part, psych meds aren't like an on/off switch. They have to build up to work, and take some time to wash out. There are exceptions, but most of those are not really psych meds - they just knock people out when they are most dangerous.

      Way to

      put the mouth in Dartmouth, Dan Keat. Your mother must be so proud.