Flipped-over car at Boylston and Mass. Ave.

Photo of the car after the accident after 10 p.m. today. Boston Police tweet injuries were involved, but that they were not likely fatal.

Photo via BostonTweet.



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How fast does one need to be

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How fast does one need to be going for this to happen?

Charges should be filed, especially because the area is popular with pedestrians at night

Not very fast at all

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There's a median that starts there (and that looks like what they rolled over). If you get something right along the inside of the wheel on the axles on one side of a car and not the other, you can flip it over pretty easily.

Wrong way?

If that's where I think it is (and if so, the bus stop is new?), that'd be the spot where the flowerpot median has an opening to let St. Cecilia traffic turn left.

If so, I bet the driver made a left from Mass Ave onto Boylston - and then suddenly realized it was still a two-way street at that point. He tried to cut over to the right and missed.

I remember seeing this happen a few times when they built the median. Before then, you had the whole block to correct your mistake (and if you didn't cut over by then, it didn't matter; it was one-way from there on).