New Balance pays for snow removal on paths along the Charles

Starting with the next storm, the Brighton-based company says:

Under the agreement, New Balance, recognizing DCR’s commitment to outdoor enthusiasts in a challenging economy, has pledged to provide funding to support snow removal efforts along the 17-plus mile Charles River path spanning from the Museum of Science area in Cambridge to the Galen Street Bridge in Watertown. The snow removal will be performed by DCR within 24 hours of the completion of a storm. Because the route runs in close proximity to the river bank, there is limited salting and sanding that can be performed, so the DCR and New Balance urge runners to continue to use caution.

In exchange, the state is letting the company "host consumer events along the path during the winter where the company will showcase new products, provide giveaways, and interact with area athletes."

New Balance spokesman Kevin Flight says the exact amount the company will spend will depend on the weather, but that the company has committed to giving the state at least $10,000 for snow removal.



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      Does this mean only on the

      Does this mean only on the Cambridge side, or are they just using Cambridge and Watertown points for reference? The Storrow Moat certainly makes it hard to access the Boston side parks from many points, but once there, there are many great paths and it would be a shame if they weren't included.

      Bike Lanes too, eh.. eh?

      Who's going to offer to clear the bike lanes all over the city? I mean, I don't mind riding in the middle of the street, but motorists seem to think that if the bike lanes are full of snow, bikers should stay home. How about, for the next storm, we clear the sidewalks and bike lanes, and all the motorists can stay home?


      a good thing has happened, no need to bitch about it!

      Maybe when the majority of people trying to get to and from work are on bikes as opposed to cars, then your wish will be granted. We have an MBTA so that lots of people can get to and from work also... should we close it down too? Does public transportation offend your delicate sensibilities?

      I'm just wondering ...

      Who bikes on those paths? I think I tried them once or twice recently, and they are in such horrible shape and crowded and blocked here and there along the river that they are nearly impossible to navigate at any speed for more than a mile or two at a time.

      This move is to be commended. No doubt about that. But it benefits walkers runners for the most part. Good on New Balance for doing it. I will continue to cross-apply their nice winter running stuff for winter cycling.

      I used to occasionally take

      I used to occasionally take that route from Watertown to the Copley overpass. I mostly found the trails fairly empty and quite enjoyable. Sure, there were sections of difficulty, but mostly it is pretty good for biking. Just my opinion of course, but they seem to be underutilized, which may explain why they aren't being cleared of snow.

      I love that you posted this..

      a mere two hours before the Red Line derailed between Porter and Harvard. If I had taken the T yesterday, my commute would have been about 3 hours. As it was, I coasted right by that cock-up and still had time to do some holiday shopping before the stores closed.

      Buy a bike, and then influence the city to respect bike commuters. It would improve your life AND the lives of others, save you money AND help keep the oceans from turning into acid pools unfit to support life.

      Or, you can just be a lazy jerk and whine about sitting in gridlock, and then troll bikers when they're trying to be the squeaky wheel that gets shit greased.