Oh, Christ: Jesus's face appears on bottom of Methuen woman's steam iron



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    That's one good excuse ...

    for not doing all the ironing! What, are you crazy? That's sacrilegious! It might ruin it for e-bay!

    Is there no end of Rorschach material for the faithful? On the other hand, I see the flying spaghetti monster in my bowl every time I eat pasta.

    Give This Woman A DVD Of Discovery Channel Show

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    What this woman needs (and others of her ilk) is a copy of the Discovery Channel show (produced in conjunction with 'Discover' Magazine) attempting to piece out what J.C. might have looked like, if he really existed. (Take that Flavius Josephus!) It turns out that he might have resemble a more Semitic type than Aryan, sort of like Yasir Arafat (nothing invidious meant).