T alerts pages lit up like Christmas trees this morning

Broken trains on the Red Line and Providence Line, signal problems on the Blue Line, a broken rail on the Needham Line (a broken rail? What'd they do? Taunt it mercilessly until it collapsed in a sobbing heap on the ground?), speed restrictions on the Kingston/Plymouth Line. Amazingly, no delays reported on the Green Line.



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    When I was at Arlington

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    When I was at Arlington waiting for an E train around 8:00 this morning, an announcement came on notifying me of delays on the Health street line.

    10 Commuter Rail Alerts

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    The MBTA's service alerts webpage currently shows 10 commuter rail alerts, including three for Providence and four for Newburyport/Rockport.

    It took me 50 minutes to get

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    It took me 50 minutes to get from Kenmore to Lechmere. How is that not considered a delay???