There's another abandoned park restroom Boston wants to lease out

This time, in the Fens. The Fenway News reports Boston is seeking ideas for what to do with "the Duck House," an old restroom building on Agassiz Road that's gone unused since a fire in 1986:

... The Parks Department is seeking expressions of interest that provide for a public benefit and complement park management and programming. If a compatible use can be identified, the Department could grant a lease to a tenant who would restore the building for this use, provide public benefit, and enhance the Back Bay Fens. The Department would consider a long lease term; however, if the term is longer than three years, legislation will be required to enact such an agreement. ...



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    Please, someone, make a joke about what an abandoned restroom in the Fens might be used for already.

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    Dare I Say..

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    Somebody should check if Condom World's lease on Newbury is coming up for renewal. Rents are still high on that last block. This could bring them closer to the "action."

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    How about making it a

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    How about making it a restroom?

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    It does seem that since the

    It does seem that since the 1980's public services have been on a serious decline. Public phones are being ripped out and public spaces are being neglected. Once the focal point of the civil rights error public drinking fountains and public restrooms are becoming a thing of the past. Officials look towards the public and say "what should we do with this facility?" as if the facility were just dropped from the sky one day. Businesses become annoyed with patrons asking to use the restrooms but what choice do we have? Dare I say we treat people who have to use the bathroom, a basic human need, as if there is something wrong with them. What do you mean you have to go to the bathroom? You can't hold it until you get take the train back to your car and then drive back home?

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