Today is Malls Suck Day at the Globe

Today's paper has a front page story about people west of Worcester pining for pre-mall downtowns, a B-section story about people in Boston pining for a pre-mall downtown and a column by Yvonne Abraham telling you to get out of your car and shop at what's left of your post-mall downtown.



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To what alternate universe do

To what alternate universe do you have to go to find people writing articles about the superiority of malls over downtown stores? This is the McDonald's Syndrome of journalism - the single most successful food provider in the world can't find a single person with access to print media who actually likes them.

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read or shop

Nobody wants to read about the great malls, even though they shop there. Admit it, you're like the old man in The Lost Boys who reads tv guide so he doesn't have to watch tv.

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