Another bridge closing on the Charles

I just received notice at work from our building's transportation coordinator that the Craigie Bridge will have major lane closures this winter to repair the bridge. Craigie Bridge is the steel drawbridge on O'Brien Highway at the Leverett Circle that allows for ship access between Charles River and the harbor.

The construction is planned to run from November 2010 to April 2011. It will include two periods where all three inbound lanes from Land Blvd to Leverett Circle will be closed to traffic. The first period begins the evening of November 5 and runs until mid-December. The second period will begin in late January. Only outbound traffic into Cambridge from the Circle will be able to use O'Brien Highway.

MassDOT will be holding a 2-hour public meeting on Thursday October 7 at 6:30 PM in the Museum of Science's Cahners Theater to discuss the impacts.



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Can I just say

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We're going to have to go out to Weston pretty soon just to be able to cross the Charles River.

Noticed it here last

Noticed it here last week:

Would love to go to the public meeting, but I don't know if I'll be able to. I'm really curious about the details of this -- car/bike traffic and pedestrian. When they had the inbound-side sidewalk "closed" for a few days earlier in the month, LOTS of people blundered through past the "Sidewalk Closed - Turn Around Now" signs on the way to and from the Museum of Science.


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The traffic on this bridge is crazy going towards Charles Circle. I hope it's not going to get any worse. I work in Kendall Square and I have to drive south of town. The only options are going over the Longfellow or (gasp) the BU Bridge. Pretty scary to think that the infrastructure for these bridges are in such poor condition all of a sudden.

Storrow Park

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This is going to make the existing afternoon debacle on Storrow/Soldier's eastbound stretch all the way back to Harvard Stadium. It is also going to create a catastrophe on the city streets in the Bowker/Fenway area as a result. Its a good thing there won't be any snowstorms Red Sox games during the construction, or it would get really ugly!

If you think traffic on Mass

If you think traffic on Mass Ave and Vassar Street through MIT is bad now...

Too bad the recent reconstruction took away a southbound lane from that stretch of Mass Ave.