Anyone up around 1 a.m. see a strange flash of yellow light in the sky?



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        It's time for another installment...

        of Universal Hub's favorite game: Who's More Right?! Today you'll both be playing for a smug sense of personal satisfaction and palpable contempt for your neighbor. The score now stands at one snide correction apiece. Here's the next question: Name the food critic or anonymous poster who discovered the minor planet Chiron in the late 1970s, leading to Pluto's redesignation as a minor planet? Start pulling absolute rubbish from your sphincters... now!

        Tycho Brahe is right!

        I flunked geology, or at least this week's edition of Playing for a Smug Sense of Personal Satisfaction and Palpable Contempt for Your Neighbor. It's a meteor till it hits the ground, at which point it becomes a meteorite. Meanwhile, I'll nominate IMDaLaw for yesterday's Pot, Meet Kettle Award.

        No, but

        No, but last evening I did see a bright sunglint from an Iridium communications satellite at 5:00 p.m., and then almost exactly an hour later, saw the space station climb the sky from the NW and fade out as it reached the zenith. Bonus: was able to point them out to two different neighbors. For more about to see the station and "Iridium flares," see

        What was it at 1 a.m.? I'm sure just a meteor. They happen all the time.

        I did!

        I have been looking for something about this for a long time now but haven't been able to find anything.

        I'm from Jersey and a friend of mine and I had decided to go up to Boston for the weekend to sightsee. So, we were driving up to Burlington, MA where our hotel was located. I forgot what highway we were on but as we were driving we saw this sudden flash of light race across the sky right in front of us. It took us by surprise and we both gasped. I thought it was more around 2am but 1am is fine with me if you say so. It was like a giant fireball that actually lit up the landscape. No lie, I was actually ready for some mass catastrophe to come from that. I was ready to brace for something. Haha. I mean, it looked so low!! But nothing happened, obviously.

        Were any announcements ever made as to what it was?