Berklee proposes $65-million building on Mass. Ave.

Proposed building

The Fenway News reports Berklee wants to use land it bought at 168 Mass. Ave. from the Christian Scientists for a 16-story building with dorms, classrooms and performance space.

More from Berklee.




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    Sounds good to me

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    The building there is an ugly, boring, one-story commercial pile of blah. If Berklee wants to finally give its students some real space, then, by all means, they should.

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    That's the block

    between Belvidere and St Germain that currently houses McDonald's, a Korean restaurant and Berklee's mail depot/copy center.

    Floor-to-ceiling windows on the lower floors will bring light and life from within the building out into the neighborhood. - Berklee press release

    What else will be brought out "from within the building" is hundreds more oblivious froggers darting to and fro across Mass Ave. Fun.

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    Its all those damn people

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    Its all those damn people that make living here so unpleasant. If only everybody left.

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    How will that be different

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    How will that be different than what happens today as they all go fetch their mail from ... that exact same building?


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    well, there goes my clear

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    well, there goes my clear view to the horizon and some sunlight.

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