Boloco: The Dunkin' Donuts of the new millennium?

Stellar Restaurant Group, parent company of the local burrito chain, goes before the Boston Zoning Board of Appeals on Nov. 9 for permission to change a retail shop at 569 Boylston St. into a restaurant.

The Boylston Street location would be ideal for people who feel they can't walk to the existing Bolocos on Newbury Street by Fairfield Street, Boylston Street by Mass. Ave. or Park Plaza by Charles Street.

A couple of months ago, Stellar announced it had raised $5.5 million in equity funding to build up to six new Bolocos across New England.



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Why the snark? A local

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Why the snark? A local business that's doing well, is expanding. Really?

Good for them! Love

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Good for them! Love them!

They also have a really good new media marketing campaign. One only needs to check their 5-10 updates on facebook and twitter daily to realize they know what they're doing.

one of the best

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best fast food buffalo chicken wrap in the city IMO.

Bolocos- too much when at every corner

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I do eat at Boloco often, but with one popping up every 2 blocks- it is getting too much. I think Boston workers/residents want to have some diversity when it comes to making food choices- and I think the distances b/t all the Bolocos are completely walkable. After a point, you just don't want to go into one cause they are all over the place- Maybe the owner can think of another good restaurant idea and put that in Boston market or put Bolocos outside the city in the suburbs.