Brother of horrifically murdered boy charged with horrifically beating girlfriend

Robert Curley, 32, of Revere, was ordered held without bail today after prosecutors accused him of repeatedly punching and kicking his girlfriend over a two-hour period last month - and dragging her back into his home when she tried to escape, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Curley's 10-year-old brother Jeffrey was raped and suffocated with a gasoline-soaked rag in 1997 by two men who lured him into their car with the promise of a new bicycle.

In a dangerousness hearing in Chelsea District Court yesterday, prosecutors charged that Robert Curley "used his fists and the work boots he was wearing to beat the victim's head and body repeatedly and savagely" on the night of Sept. 23 and 24, that when she tried to call for help, he ripped her cell phone out of her hands and that when she tried to flee, he followed her outside and "dragged her screaming back inside."

"After the beating, Curley allegedly said he would drive the victim to the hospital on the condition that she tell doctors that she fell," the DA's office said in a statement. "He ultimately drove her to an area a few blocks from a downtown hospital and dropped her off before driving away."

DA Dan Conley called the beating "a crime of sadistic, dehumanizing violence."

Chelsea District Court Judge Jonathan Brant agreed that prosecutors - and five witnesses - provided "clear and convincing evidence" that Curley should be held without bail until his trial.

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    Jeffrey Curley

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    Absolutely not excusing what he did to his GF. That aside, I can't imagine pain he and his family still deal with. What happened to his little brother Jeff is still one of the worse crimes I can remember happening in the Boston area. I'm sure the whole family has had to deal with PTSD.

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    sicari & jaynes

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    maybe mr curley could share a cell wit thhese two monsters and channel some of his rage?

    he should spend some time in a cell either way.

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    kind of makes you wonder

    Was he messed up by his brother's murder, neglected after, or was there something going on in that household as a result of the tumult after the murder that he's acting out now?

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    Blah, blah, blah..

    I don't care what kind of trauma you've been through, you don't hit women. Let's see how tough he is in the can.

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    He is responsible for his own actions

    HOWEVER ...

    The fact of the matter is that a lot of intimate partner violence is learned behavior. There may be some lessons for intervention and prevention in this.

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    You mean, like getting the phone call from your sister telling you that she's locked herself in the bathroom, then getting there quick enough to baseball bat the scumbag boyfriend before he he can throw her a beating? And by prevention do you mean breaking his knee so that he thinks twice about trying to limp into the bedroom to even try and throw your sister another beating?

    Intervention and prevention may be the solution to a number of social ills, but once a guy raises his hand to a woman, nine times out of ten, he's hard wired to think that it's OK. Whether or not he's been the victim of domestic violence, sexual abuse, whatever, you cannot raise your hand to someone weaker than you and in any way think it's OK. Bottom line for me. As the late great John Twohads once said to me; "Bitch, if you ever feel like smackin' your woman, stop, come down to the gym and try and hit me".

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    the curley case

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    this brother was visibly affected by the murder of his brother by neighbors he knew well. i seem to remember him expressing a great deal of anger during the trials.

    i know the family was not perfect. there was some question as to who should have been caring for 10 yr old jeffrey when these animals abducted him. it makes no difference. little jeffrey fought these savages until he succumbed to a rag soaked in gasoline held over his mouth. they desecrated his remains and dumped him in a river in maine. they should not be allowed to breathe.

    i hope the girlfriend is ok and i hope they (girlfriend/curley) can both get the help they need.

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    Very Sad

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    I happen to have a distant relation to these people; my husband's daughter used to be married to the suspects brother. As an entry level Psychologist, I can certainly understand the trauma this family has been through as a result of baby Jeffrey. I can see that Robert and his brother Sean have a very good reason of explantion of their rage and this is due to what happened to that baby. I understand that beating his girlfriend was NOT the best way to handle that rage but none of us has been through what this family has been through and we truly cannot relate to their anger and frustration. I truly feel remorse for the parents Debra and Robert Sr. because they lost their little boy and they are still coping with the trajedy, now they have to deal wth the consequences of their second son. Sometimes I wish I reached out to the family to help them get through a difficult time however circumstances (negative ones)are in the way. Very truly sorry for the girlfriend, I hope she is ok and going to be fine. As for Robert Curley, I truly hopes he can get some counseling to help him with his anger and greiving.

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    Robert "Bobby" Curley

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    I'm from East Cambridge...which is where they always claim the Curley family lived...but this is not true. They are from Central Cambridge along with the perverts that killed Jeffrey. With that being said...I knew Bobby VERY well in our younger years.....and he was ALWAYS a wanna be tough guy. Nobody ever took his act serious, which was why he beat up on his girlfriends. Back when he was in his late teens/early twenties he was ordered to attend violent offenders classes for domestic violence. But because this was just after his brothers murder, they let him miss most of the mandatory classes without threat of surrendering him to the probation dept. In any event....Bobby was a pill popping junkie, he loved the percs and O.C.'s, and like I said....wanted desperately for people to think he was a tough guy from East Cambridge....and when nobody bought the act....he beat up his girlfriends. Way to carry on your family name.....especially for your brothers memory.

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    knew him

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    Went to school with him, his brother Sean, and saw little Jeff just days before his abduction. Bobby was was a wannabe tough guy since grade school. He never had a problem hitting girls. I remember him kicking a girl in the crotch really hard in the eighth grade. He hasn't changed at all. He was always trying to prove how tough he could be and was always trying to be a bully. He had little to no respect from most people even back then.

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    I dated him. I dated him in

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    I dated him. I dated him in elementary school and remember going to his house and meeting Jeffrey, and seeing him play in my neighborhood after school. I remember seeing one of his killers always sitting on his stoop seemingly playing with the neighborhood kids. I remember telling my sisters to stay away from that stoop for reasons I didn't quite understand then. But do now. I always wondered about Sal Sicari and why an older boy was hanging around the kids all the time. I believe then I came to the conclusion that he must have not been mentally stable. I thought maybe he was a little slow. Either way, my sisters maintained their distance, and I'm grateful they are safe. They were younger than Jeffrey at the time. And they played no more than 200 feet from that stoop.

    I dated Bobby in the immediate months following Jeffrey's death. And I am going to meet up with him again soon. He showed no anger, to me anyway, He was probably still numb.

    I've learned in my life that there are always three stories... His side. Her side. And the truth. I never tend to believe the first two.. and strictly rely upon the truth.

    My truth is that Bobby felt a pain that none of us, unless we've experienced this type of loss, will ever even come close to imagining. My truth is that any one of us would be capable of rage if we were in his shoes.

    Imagine your baby brother, baby sister, baby cousin, being hurt like this... and tell me you don't feel rage.

    I have a daughter... and if anyone hurt her like this. I'd be behind bars. Undoubtedly. No law, no force, no rules, no restrictions, and no obstacles would prevent me from bringing justice. Justice in my own form. Use your imagination.

    Pertaining to this story- I don't condone any type of harm to anyone. Although his rage is valid, the actions depicted herein are WRONG. If any of this is true- I agree with many others in hoping that he gets the help he needs.

    This story paints an evil picture. One that sounds as if it might have some truths... but words have a funny way of embellishing truths. Maybe my experience with him just didn't show me this side?? Maybe this side manifested after we dated? Who knows.

    Bobby was never mean to me. He was never phsyical. He never displayed any semblance of rage portrayed here.

    My heart goes out to this girl for the truths in this story that may be. I hope she heals, and does not allow this cycle of rage to continue.

    My heart goes out to the Curley Family.

    Rest in Love and Rememberance Jeffrey.

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