Brown backs birther for Congress - except he doesn't

Hudak and BrownHudak and BrownUPDATE: The Brown campaign says it had nothing to do with an endorsement posted on Hudak's site. Dan Kennedy has the latest.

Our Senator-elect yesterday endorsed William Hudak of Boxford in his race against US Rep. John Tierney.

As Dan Kennedy reports, Hudak put up large signs in front of his house in 2008 showing Obama as Osama and believes Obama was born in Kenya. Kennedy says it's possible Brown didn't know Hudak thinks the president is illegally in office:

The question now is whether Brown has the guts and integrity to admit he made a mistake and withdraw his endorsement of Hudak.



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    This is why

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    ...I can't hear the words "moderate Republican" without laughing. Laughing in a depressed and miserable way, but still laughing.


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    You don't say!

    Way to go, truck owners, way to go.


    should have no truck with the likes of Hudak.

    Given that Scott Brown's

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    Given that Scott Brown's campaign took enormous amounts of money from both the in-state umbrella for the Tea Party movement and bussed in out-of-state Tea Party people and had his ads funded almost entirely by Tea Party-associated organizations, this is not surprising.

    (I keep posting anonymously, but that's because I don't get the registration notice until after I've already posted. I don't have a reason for being anonymous.)

    utterly disgraceful

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    What happened to Brown's claim of independent thinking? I thought this Republican was supposed to be different from the bigots and conspiracy theorist established Republicans!

    This is a surprise to

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    This is a surprise to someone? Is anyone actually claiming that this is a fucking surprise! I can hardly believe the goddamned stupidity!


    Today I Had To Wait Until 2:00 PM

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    I expect to be aware of another Scott Brown screwup or stupid statement by 10:00 am when I turn on the Stephanie Miller Show on WWZN-AM 1510. I began to get nervous when there wasn't one by mid-day. Thanks to Dan Kennedy and UH, I was able to get my fix by 2 in the afternoon.

    What's currently posted on Hudak's site

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    Posted here and below (in case it disappears from the site, given what the Brown campaign is now telling Dan Kennedy:

    Jan 20, 2010


    Wednesday, January 20, 2010

    DANVERS, MA – Today, Senate-elect Scott Brown lends his name to Bill Hudak's race to replace John Tierney in Congress. Hudak, the Republican candidate, is a small businessman and attorney that has made news for challenging Tierney to a number of townhall events to talk about health care, taxes and out of control government spending.

    "Bill was with us from the beginning and is the representative the people of the sixth district need. Bill is not beholden to special interests and will help me bring the voice of the people Washington," said Brown.

    "I have been working side-by-side with Scott Brown for months with the same message. The people don't care about our party affiliation. They care about a government out of touch, out of control and badly in need of reform," comments Hudak.

    "Tierney embodies everything that is wrong with Washington. Tierney voted to raise taxes ninety-seven times, voted for a government-run health care system that would tax Massachusetts people to provide health care coverage for those in other states, and Tiereny votes 99% of the time with Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership in Congress regardless of the consequences to people here in his district. It is clear that John Tierney is out of touch," continues Hudak.

    "I will be the Senator of the people and I believe that Bill Hudak will be the Representative of the people, too, regardless of their political affiliation," finishes Brown.

    Bill Hudak has been a declared candidate for Congress as a Republican since July 2009. His campaign has made thousands of calls, held dozens of events and continues to reach out to voters from their headquarters at 151 Endicott Street, Suite 5 in Danvers, MA.