Bubblagate at the Garden

Channel 4 investigates why you can't get a free drink of water at the Boston Garden anymore, despite claims from management that they've replaced water fountains with free cups of water at specific concession stands.


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The management is breaking

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The management is breaking the law and trying to extort money from patrons for something which they are legally bound to provide. Why should someone get to break the law to make a buck just because it's a sports venue?

Thank You, Harry M. Stevens!

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Or whoever you are. Glad I have you to spend my money for me. Now, howsabout you buy a nice cold glass of take a flying fuck at a rolling donut?

I'm glad somebody is doing a story on this. I was at the Celts-Knicks game a couple of weeks back and needed to take a pill. At halftime, I circled the entire concourse area looking for a water fountain. No go, of course. And it's not like they're posting damn signs or something, telling you that you can get water at any stands. So, I bought a bottled water. It certainly didn't break me to do so, but, on top of the prices for tickets to sporting events these days, it's unconscionable that they pull cheap-ass bush league shit like this.


Hmm...The architect in me

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Hmm...The architect in me thinks this is against both the Mass building code and the ADA (americans with disabilities act) code!

you think they'd learn...

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Anyone remember the Bright House Networks Stadium, in Orlando, FL situation back in 2007... where when they built the stadium it wasn't a requirement for water fountains and on opening day ran out of water at half time sending 18 people to the hospital for heat exhaustion during the game... and since then they have added at least 50 water fountains throughout the stadium in order to comply with the latest building code requirement.

How exactly does one

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How exactly does one determine that a water fountain is "underused"?

Greedy assholes.

Hope some lawyer sues the bank out of them.

re: prices for bottled water at Garden events

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absolutely outrageous, beyond greedy.

they say you can't bring bottles of water in (which is easy to get around, but that's not the point) and than charge more than an arm and a leg, around a 300-400% markup from street value...

if prices are too high, don't pay them

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I get a kick every time I read someone say, "I went to a game, bought four tickets from a scalper, parked in the closest parking lot, bought 10 beers, six hot dogs, three pizzas, and a foam finger, and it all cost way too much." If you paid the money, then it obviously didn't cost too much, or else you wouldn't have paid what you did.

As long as they can sell out the stadium and have lines 15 deep at a hundred different concession stands, then prices are actually too low. Prices will only come down when people refuse to pay them. Every time you do pay, you're sending a signal to the market that the price is at least fair. Stop bitching and vote with your feet.

re: I don't go to events at the Gardne

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But that doesn't mean I don't know about the water prices and doesn't make it any less outrageous.

I get a kick every time some moron like you makes assumptions...and an ass out of themselves.

Ditto Fenway Park?

I haven't surveyed the entire ballpark, but the one water fountain that used to exist on the right field roof was removed when the section was renovated two seasons ago. The only publicly-available running water --* the restroom sinks -- is heated, presumably to discourage fans from refilling their water bottles. Talk about squeezing a buck.