Coming soon: Indian food downtown, pasta at Rowes Wharf and bubble tea on Dot. Ave.

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to grant licenses to three new eateries:

Serykah Aggerwhil is seeking city permission to sell Indian food at 185 Devonshire St. She currently operates a catering service in Somerville, and the food would be prepared there and then trucked into Boston for sale.

Pasta Beach, a Newport, RI restaurant that serves pasta and pizza, wants to open an outlet at 30 Rowes Wharf for residents and hotel visitors who don't want to make the long trek over to the North End.

Thuan Vien is proposing to open Fun Tea Cafe at 1460 Dorchester Ave., near the Fields Corner Red Line stop, where she would sell the tapioca-based teas, coffee and packaged baked goods.

Fun Tea Cafe got an enthusiastic thumbs up from Joyce DePina of City Councilor Felix Arroyo's office at a licensing-board hearing today. "Bubble teas are delicious," she told board members.



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Warning: At least two more posts coming

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Be on the lookout!

Yes, good point - I shouldn't be littering up the site with tons of little stories from the same meeting. But at the same time, I don't want to just write up one long post in which somebody in, oh, Dorchester, misses something because they fell asleep while pouring through items on the North End or Brighton..


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"This morning's Proprietor Permit Petition Post: full liquor licenses in East Boston, Balloon Animal Grooming license in the Back Bay, and three umlat signage applications in the South End."

Full details after the fold.
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Sorry, don't know

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I was in full Boston mode and since she was from across the river, I didn't think to ask (as opposed to the pasta place at Rowes Wharf, where it was pretty much the first thing the lawyer mentioned, so I didn't have to expend the 3 calories it would have taken to get up and ask).

My guess is

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