Duck vs. stripers in Boston Harbor: The fish win every time

Bob took some video of the large stripers in the water between Long Wharf and the Aquarium - and how they beat a frustrated duck to the hunks of bread he threw to them:



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    I'm calling the city!! That

    I'm calling the city!! That duck was clearly getting a lap dance from one of those stripers.

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    Shouldn't those fish be

    Shouldn't those fish be eating whole wheat bread? I demand a city ordinance requiring that people only feed the animals with healthy food. Maybe a tax on Wonder Bread would be good too.

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    I love that clear, clean water

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    And the naysayers say that the harbor cleanup wasn't worth it. Did you notice how clear the water was, even through the video images? If it weren't for the fact that the locks open to let the Charles water in, it would be like that all the time. New York Harbor doesn't look like that, folks.

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