Finally, a city program we can really sink our teeth into

The city wants to turn City Hall Plaza into a mobile food court - it's requesting formal proposals from owners of food trucks who want to set up shop on the brick expanse:

The City of Boston seeks creative mobile food vending proposals for a multi-round selection process. Selected winners will receive technical assistance, permitting guidance, and assistance applying for low-interest loans from the City of Boston, in order to begin mobile food vending operations on City Hall Plaza by Spring 2011. The focus for selection will be to promote health, community, and sustainability.

If you want to keep on truckin', applications are due by Sept. 13.

Via Lindsay Crudele.



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With no shade in the summer

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With no shade in the summer and no trees or other screening devices to stop massive wind gusts in in the winter, somehow I don't think this is going to work out too well.


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Nobody does it better. Taking a good idea like introducing good street food and squeezing the hip right out of it. I can smell the fried dough already. Let these creative business people tell you, Commandante, where they feel they would do well and give 'em the street parking. Screw the CarTards who aren't using the T and the Downtown residents who think the on-street parking is for their exclusive use.

City Hall plaza is a

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City Hall plaza is a wasteland, and this could easily make it even worse. But with a brilliant design and some funds for the landscaping that comes up with, it could work. They should send it out to architects for proposals.

And please run electric to the trucks, so that they don't have gas generators going.


If they properly landscaped City Hall Plaza (getting rid of the steps and using natural gradations), it would work. Otherwise, Quincy Market is too close and is a much more attractive alternative because it has seating, shade, and location. I just feel like that people would get lunch and then have to go eat it on the steps next to the random sketchy guys with boombox radios checking out girls. I would personally LOVE to see grass and trees in City Hall Plaza.