Hey, kids: The police are onto the Thursdays at Daisy's thing

The Boston Licensing Board decides Thursday what to do about underage drinking at Daisy Buchanan's on Newbury Street.

At a hearing today, Boston Police Det. Kevin McGill said that, after receiving tips from local college police departments, he and another detective paid the club a visit on March 5 - and promptly found two underage BU sophomores, drinks in hand.

Owner Joe Cimino pleaded guilty, agreed that, in hindsight, he should have been more vigilant after noticing a recent surge of college students on Thursday nights.

Last week, the board voted to suspend Rumor's liquor license for two days after police found a trio of underage Babson students inside.



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What no links to their mug

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What no links to their mug shots or calling for them to be expelled this time adam? How about checking out their facebooks and posting lude photos you can find.

This time?

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One of the cops actually read their names during the hearing - just like last week with Rumor.

But they're not charged with throwing wild parties in a residential neighborhood or assaulting officers or anything like that, and the people who are really in trouble are the license holders, who had to deal with little jerks like them, so why bother?

Funny you should mention mug shots, though. I actually have one, for Yet Another Incident that I just haven't written up yet, involving an allegedly drunken woman who, when she couldn't get satisfaction in a fight with another woman at a downtown club, started throwing bottles (and her shoes) into a crowd, sending four people to the hospital. I'm debating whether to run that; will decide as I write it up.

How do you get them

and how do you decide whether to run them? I've always been curious about it myself. For instance, remember that drug-dealing Menino liaison? No idea what he looks like. But the DPW guy accused of burglary, you ran his mug two or three times.

Oh, yeah, good point on the Eastie guy

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The Suffolk County DA's office is usually pretty good with the booking photos. I've asked occasionally, but they often send them over (not just to me).

You're right about the East Boston liaison. I never asked. Probably should have (might have been distracted; I seem to recall we were on vacation when he was arrested).

I went to Daisy Buchanan's

I went to Daisy Buchanan's for the first time a couple months ago and felt like I was the oldest patron at 22. The bouncer even denied someone at the door for trying to use an ID his friend had JUST used while we were coming in.