How the Bruins respond to restroom vandalism

So this drunken Bruins fan kicks a hole in a restroom column - and then somebody posts a video online. The Bear is not amused (guess it would have been impractical for them to just take out all the columns).

Associated Press, by way of the Providence Journal, reports authorities are looking for the woman.



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    The plaster column is

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    The plaster column is probably covering a load bearing one. Otherwise I can't imagine why you'd put a column right there in front of the sinks where id does nothing but get in the way,

    And it's probably just an

    And it's probably just an I-beam. God knows why they made it so large (especially in a women's room were space is EVERYTHING). Look how deep her foot goes.

    Yep, obviously the column's fault

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    How dare it agitate that drunken Rhodie with its girth and load bearing. God, when will inanimate objects learn not to obstruct the view into the ladies' crapper? Way to focus on the aesthetics of a sports venue's bathroom in a town where fans routinely sit behind poles to watch the Sox, who were only slightly more entertaining than excrement this season.


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    Local media has been playing the clip from a point just beyond seeing this girl's face. I didn't realize just how busted she is. Stupid is as stupid records...

    (Love the Garden's follow-up too!)

    Way to take care of the rebound, Garden.

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    Kudos to the garden - I think this was an ingenious little ditty.

    The only thing that they need to do is add on the penalty imposed and the cost of repair - with any luck it was fixed by a union laborer on overtime on a holiday.

    This was (hard to find) in

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    This was (hard to find) in the Globe today:

    The woman who was seen in an Internet video vandalizing a TD Garden bathroom Wednesday has apologized and offered to pay for the damage. Building general manager Hugh Lombardi said the woman has been located, though officials declined to name her. Lombardi said they “consider the matter closed.’’ In the video, a woman in a Milan Lucic shirt kicks a hole in a column in the bathroom, then falls. The Bruins posted a video in which a person in a bear suit is repairing the damage, followed by the tagline, “Never disrespect the Garden. And definitely don’t post it online.’’

    To be fair, who covers a support beam with hollow drywall?

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    It really looks like she didn't think she could kick through it. I mean seriously, who covers a support beam with hollow drywall? Why couldn't they just have slapped some paint on the I-beam or something?

    Which isn't to say she's exactly in the right here, but a reasonable sober-minded person could have looked at that and assumed it was made of concrete or something. It's far more fragile than it looks. There are lots of things in the Garden you can drunkenly kick and no harm will come of it. This wasn't one of them.

    If you watch the video you'll

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    If you watch the video you'll see she slightly damages it with her first kick. She then comments on trying it again and succeeds in her goal.
    Assuming you should be able to drunkenly kick stuff is your take-away from this?