It was a race against time, and we lost

The six-year-old aqueduct that cracked, plunging us into aquapocalypse, replaced a 1939 aqueduct that was to be rebuilt so it could serve as a backup to the new tunnel. The MWRA is in the middle of repairing the old aqueduct and was kinda hoping nothing bad would happen until 2014, when the work is supposed to be done, the Globe reports.

So now we're relying on emergency reservoirs and aqueducts that haven't been used in decades, including the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, which was built as an answer to Boston's last catastrophic water failure - in 1859.



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      Amusing Chestnut Hill Res. Story

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      So I was walking around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir early last week, when I saw a guy throw a tennis ball into it so his (ridiculously small) dog would go fetch it. It did. Just as I was about to politely point out the "Public Drinking Water Supply" sign, and ask if he still thought that his course of action was appropriate, someone else did - minus the politeness.

      As you might expect, the dog owner got all hot and bothered, screaming things like, "this hasn't been used for drinking water in 100 years!" I think I might head back up there to see if he's out and about.

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      I told my friend yesterday that I felt a little bad about peeing in the reservoir a week ago.

      Ok, I didn't pee in the reservoir, but it's still funny.

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      Your Shower and Toilet water is being guarded

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      I am pleased to report that there are Boston Police patrolling the perimeter of the Chestnut Hill Reservoir (saw at least 3 cruisers; two stationary, one driving on the jogging path). The only thing about which I was puzzled was the jurisdictional issue. I thought the State Police would have jumped on that detail (on DCR-managed property).

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