List of candidates for Chuck Turner's seat

Today was the deadline for pulling nomination papers for the city-council seat left empty by Chuck Turner's eviction. Gin Dumcius compiles a list of the people who expressed enough interest to take out papers. And yes, Althea Garrison is one of them.



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Candidates' weblinks. Boston City Council.

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Boston City Council candidates need to list their a) addresses for email and b) weblinks with the City of Boston so folks can send along questions, feedback, comment, suggestions. Even though the Election Commission doesn't ask candidates need to include the information. This encourages greater participation !

No more stenographer?

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Now we'll never get those stenographic records!

Yes, we really do need a

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Yes, we really do need a highly skilled court stenographer to fulfill the City Council's need for reporting, preparing and indexing the minutes of the regular sessions of the City Council meetings!!!


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**Haywood Fennell, Sr. (Author, Playwright, Veteran Affairs Activist)
While Haywood Fennell is not on the list of people who have already pulled nomination papers, The Blackstonian just received a message today stating:
It is my intention on December 27th to file papers at the Elections Dept. City of Boston to file as a candidate for Boston City Councilor for the 7th District. I believe that the last 15 years of service work qualifies me, but more importantly, I know that it has been and continues to be your prayers and the prayers of others that has allowed me to serve my community and the folks that live in District 7.
A more formal notice will be forth coming.

**Hassan Williams, who ran in a Democratic primary against state Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz.

When was the last time...

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people in "the community" elected someone who wasn't corrupt? Grady Turner, Didi Wilkerson, assorted Rushings and Bollings...

Just aksin'.

Still dealing with

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your Howie Carr jealousy/jones? I guess that's easier than achnowledging the serially corupt pols elected from that particular neighborhood, over and over and over...

I know- it's The Man keeping the community down. Of course.

White guys don't normally say "aks"

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Yeah, so voters returned Chuck Turner to office even with an indictment hanging over his head. Voters returning felons to office is hardly a new phenomenon or related to blacks. James Michael Curley, anyone? More recently, Cambridge voters kept returning a drunk driver to the Senate. Why's whitey so in favor of corrupt hacks and crash-happy drunks?


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None of my comments mentioned race (did I indicate the race of the several corrupt pols from that neighborhood... and I didn't have to go back to the Curley Admin to do so!) yet yours seem obsessed with that- I guess you're just a racist. Sad.

Perhaps you can enlighten your readers as to why "the community" why that neighborhood keeps electing corrupt scumbags to office. What is wrong with those people?