Maybe they should replace the Bruins banner at the State House with this one

Your mama

Or maybe not. Matthew Cote snapped the photo outside the Garden.




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Me too. I love the ad campaign.

Never ever date a Bruins fan

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Never ever date a Bruins fan who supports a team without the heart to defend a 3-0 series lead!


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Well, it only took you over a week to finally grow the balls to say anything...amazing what a mix of grit and luck can do for the fans of a team that should already be navel-gazing and trying to figure out what a "flyer" is anyways.

Don't worry though. I'm sure the Philly bandwagon is pretty much empty, so there's plenty of room for you too.

We're sorry...

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about your girlfriend's moustache.

we're "massholes"...not

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we're "massholes"...not assholes...get it right

It's not that bad!!

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come on it's really nothing!! You've never been in Montreal with the Canadiens fans, they're so annoying!!! And yes I'm from Montreal and I'm a Bruins fan!! Imagine the trash that I receive!!! But I find it more funny and stupid then anything!!!

To Ubermonkey -

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Spank my monkey! We're rabid Bruins fans and if you don't like it, get off this page!