MBTA strikes right chord with Berklee professor who lost violin on trackless trolley

Valerie Rose Taylor, an associate professor at Berklee, is singing the praises of an orchestra's worth of MBTA workers who reunited her with the violin her parents gave her more than four decades ago after she left it on a 71 bus out of Watertown Square.

In a letter to T officials, Taylor said she didn't realize she left her violin behind on July 24, until the next day, a Sunday. She said everybody from the bus driver, who "rescued my violin in the first place" to supervisors and dispatchers who checked the North Cambridge car barns for the instrument - and who then decided to lock it up for safe keeping after they found it - were "competent and compassionate."

They also told her this wasn't the most unusual thing somebody had left behind on the T - honors for that go to the guy who left a raw turkey behind the day before Thanksgiving one year.



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A raw turkey, the day before

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A raw turkey, the day before Thanksgiving, is more unusual than an expensive violin? Unless the turkey guy spent 4 days trying to track it down and claim it, I'd have to assume that he merely had 4 bags of groceries when he got on the bus, and 3 when he got off, and just didn't notice. Doesn't seem that strange to me at all.


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a live turkey would be a different story..

Yo-Yo this

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Not the first person to leave behind a valuable string instrument. Remember Yo-Yo Ma and that cello in a NYC taxi?

Turkey left on public

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Turkey left on public transportation? Didn't that happen in an episode of How I Met Your Mother?

Nice to hear about this. I

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Nice to hear about this. I had lost a book on the T and while the station staff was helpful the folks who I called at the T's Lost and Found were not very friendly.