Neighbors cheered when Amy Bishop moved out of Ipswich

Martin Solomon is friends with a guy who was the alleged mass murderer's neighbor in Ipswich before she and her husband moved to Alabama. He posts the neighbor's less-than-fond reminiscences of her:

... The day they moved out I was getting home as their moving van pulled away and went up the street. I got out of my car and a bunch of the neighbors were outside and I yelled "Ding Dong the witch is dead!" and a cheer went up all around. Soon after the new people showed up to clean the house and move some things in and the whole street celebrated with a pizza party. We welcomed the new folks with open arms. It was like the sun finally came out again.



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      Couldn't help noticing

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      that some of the commenters on Solomsnia's blog sound a bit deranged in their own right. "Bishop was a typical Obama supporter" and "all liberals are serial killers" and so forth. I keep seeing these types of comments- it's strange. Not that it means much other than that crazy knows no political orientation, but where is everyone getting their evidence of Bishop's left-wing bent, anyway?

      Everything everywhere is Obama's fault

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      Next time some violent crime happens in Roxbury and Dorchester, check out the comments on the Herald report on it - If you don't see somebody blaming Obama on the first page, it's only because the blame-Patrick people got there first, because, as we know, nothing bad ever happened when we had a Republican president or governor, and rightwingers never ever kill people (especially not by loading up trucks with fertilizer and ramming them into federal buildings).

      To be honest, it's kind of startling to see stuff like this on a Jewish-oriented site, especially the day after a Jewish guy was executed for murdering a park ranger in Florida; one could easily draw other stupid conclusions from cases like these (and, in fact, some people are doing just that; Google "amy bishop jewish").

      People that demote every

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      People that demote every event into their political terms are as disillusioned and as crazy as Bishop. That’s all you really need to know.

      If her politics were a motive, It would make some sense to understand it in that frame of mind; but everything points to her just being bat shit crazy. Politic has nothing to do with it.

      That said, many of those “Conservatives” probably aren’t too far from Bishops ilk.

      Shoe, foot

      Don't you imagine that, were Bishop known as a religious fundamentalist (rather than a godforsaken Darwinist!), she would be similarly characterized and vilified from by some on left? The discourse is just childish all around -- I blame the Internet and cable "news".

      (Breaking my pledge not to respond to unregistered posters, btw.)

      The rage coming from the

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      The rage coming from the right wing is getting more and more disturbing. It's as if they're out for blood... how quickly they forget it was Bush who got us into this financial disaster.

      To be fair...

      By on you recall the comments and attacks on Bush? It was just as sick and pathetic (maybe more). Its a sad trend in America that is not simply practiced from one side of the aisle.

      Yes, to be fair there were

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      Yes, to be fair there were vicious attacks aimed at the right from the left as well, of course. However, I think the unwarranted rage toward Obama is much worse and far more dangerous.

      Surely there was rage aimed

      Surely there was rage aimed at Bush that he reasonably deserved.

      The country united around the president on 9/11 but things started to get a little rough when we invaded a country because of its nukular weapons when it didn't have them (remember mushroom cloud smoking gun bs?) and tortured prisoners even though we'd get better intel when we interrogated them with traditional methods.

      Then he went to campaign fundraisers in CA while New Orleans drowned and it took FEMA longer to get to New Orleans than it took the US military's first aid ship to get to south east Asia.

      Then then huge the tax breaks for the rich they sold as "bigger percentage tax breaks" for the middle class, and at the same time we borrowed money to pay for Medicare Part D, Iraq War and Afghanistan war, the latter two off budget.

      Bush didn't come up with the idea to torture prisoners but he didn't nix it either. Mostly he lied about all the big problems as if to prove government is the problem. Clearly it was when he was president.

      Ace of Spades HQ linked to Solomonia

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      Ace of Spades HQ, a far-right hate site linked to this Solomonia story about Bishop. Hence the offensive comments.

      What does it say about our society when

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      this woman in now a "celebrity"? Especially since the only thing about her that people are "celebrating" is that she murdered innocent people. I wonder if Michele (with one L on Facebook!) McPhee will be able to get the trashy, poorly researched, "true" crime book out by next week.

      not celebrity

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      Bishop may have gained notoriety, but certainly not celebrity.