No more Nomah

Red at brings us the news that Nomar will retire today as a Red Sox. The 1997 Rookie of the Year and 5-time All-Star will be signing a one-day minor league contract with the Red Sox at a press conference today and then announce his retirement and new job as an analyst for ESPN.



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    Don't confuse..

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    ... The Boston Sports Pundit Press, with Red Sox Nation. One's a beast, the other home.

    Nomar punched his own ticket out of Boston

    I loved watching Nomar play here, but in 2004 he became a surly clubhouse cancer and malingerer on the bench. That's what got him traded, not the Sox fandom. It's a shame, really, the way it all ended, but I'm glad he's retiring this way. He was beloved more than any other Sox player by the youngest fans in his heyday here.

    positive vs negative

    During his career in Boston, the positive moments vastly outweighed the negative, it's not even close.

    But, looking around at comments on the web after today's news, it's clear that a disproportionate number of fans choose to bring up the negative, maybe as some sort of need to play devil's advocate in the face of a tremendous outpouring of support / positive vibes.

    Some Red Sox fans tend to exhibit what my grandmother used to call "Irish Alzheimers"...forgetting everything except the grudges. You often see this with Manny Ramirez as well.