Northeastern State of Mind

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Which is to say, awful. To

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Which is to say, awful. To wit: there's a Taco Bell in West Roxbury, but why would an NU student even know that that's part of Boston or ever go there?

And I thought I was picky

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You're right: There is a Taco Bell in West Roxbury - right next to (as far as I know) Boston's only Long John Silver's (actually, they share the same building, they're the Siamese twins of fried food-like substances!).

But a) There's no practical way for a car-less Husky to get there (it's on the Route Formerly Known as 1) and b) The thing's practically in Dedham.

If this is really the only reason you hate this video, yeesh, cut the kid some slack. I bet you most native Bostonians don't even know that Taco Bell exists.

I had to check the name to

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I had to check the name to make sure it wasn't you. But yeah to expect that some mass transit dependent NE student to know a lot about a random fast food joint in a neighborhood not well served by the trains is a bit much. The kid is probably just repeating something he heard from some orientation group or as campus lore. And when the idea was started it may even have been true.

You're right, why WOULD an NU

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You're right, why WOULD an NU student ever go there? None of them have cars, and they are on a college campus. Who would EVER go that far out of the way for Taco Bell, for that matter? As an NU alum, I think this video is a very funny representation of day to day life there. It's not meant to be a serious recruiting video or anything, so maybe relax a little.

Not bad

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I thought the kid's cadence and rhythm were pretty good - better than the guy who did "Granite State of Mind" (but he still wins the prize for working in a Robert Frost poem).

He might have a future - but certainly a short term one. Although, the Mayor isn't going to like that quip about the Fens, and you don't want to be on el alcalde's bad side.

I disagree. I think Granite

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I disagree. I think Granite State of Mind is actually pretty good. This guy was rather flat and the other two guest vocalists were even worse.

Pretty funny. Glad I wasn't

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Pretty funny. Glad I wasn't drinking coffee when he said the crime log line.

Too bad?

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You don't seem to know NU very well. Or New York.

So what? I'm from New York

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So what? I'm from New York too and I think the video's funny as hell, it's dead-on about all the funny day-to-day moments we have at NU! Did you think all NU students hail from Mass? How is it ironic?

Great job!

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This obviously took a lot of planning and coordination. These guys did a great job editing the scenes together. Makes this NU design alumna proud!

The haters here need to chill

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The haters here need to chill - I thought it was a blast. Way to show school spirit Drew D'Agostino (even if your school is NU - ouch!)

Best line - "Don’t go through the fens on a night jog, you’ll be in the crime log."

Check out this guy's page - I hope he sticks around here after he graduates, because he's creative and motivated as hell - song-writer, stand-up comedian, internet entrepenuer (