Now that the Globe's chased escort ads off Craigslist, how do you find an escort in Boston?

Why, and its handy search engine.

UPDATE: Blogger gets results as turns off the escort ads.



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    as well as the phoenix..

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    which has a whole adult services pull out section. But the globe/NyTimes doesn't want to mention that since its a fellow print publication, as opposed to mean old internet-only sites like craigslist or huffington post. I was at a new media lecture and one of the globe big wigs talked about bloggers as 'typing awway in their parents basement." Perhaps if the Globe covered something other than how great Menino is people under 60 might read it again.

    Will Marsha go after the Globe, Phoenix adult ads?

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    Craigslist should file suit against Attorney General Martha (or as Patches Kennedy calls her "Marsha", LOL) Coakley for intimidation, harassment and selective (or at least the threat of) prosecution if Coakley doesn't shut down the Globe and Phoenix ads. Of course the Globe and Phoenix being the primary far left news mediums in Greater Boston, it's unlikely that she'll do anything. Pot, kettle?

    The Phoenix lies about the

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    The Phoenix lies about the escort ads just like CraigsList. At least CraigsList wasn't a news organization.

    DISCLAIMER: ... Phoenix Adult is not an escort agency, nor does it make referrals. If you wish to contact the adult entertainers who advertise on Phoenix Adult, please use the contact information in the individual ads. Phoenix Adult has no knowledge of any illegal activities. Sexual innuendo may be used for entertainment purposes only. Actual sexual activity is not condoned or implied by Phoenix Adult in any manner. ...

    How do you find an escort in Boston?

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    Didn't you hear? Nobody is willing to trade money for sex on the internet any more because Craigslist shut down its adult section! Thus, we've shut down all of the people involved in trafficking and prostitution that was such a dangerous element of the Craigslist Adult listings!

    Whew. That was close! We almost had another 15 Markoffs killing "masseuses" in upscale hotel rooms!

    Apparently you click on

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    Apparently you click on "therapeutic services" instead.