One Dunkin' Donuts to customers in the blizzard: You morons

Check out the note posted on the door of a Dunkin' Donuts in Salem at the height of the storm.

H/t Aaron Donovan.



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You (and most of the posters

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You (and most of the posters on the originating site) are assuming the note is meant sarcastically. If the store is open and Rick is serving hot joe, maybe he meant it as a legitimate sentiment. (I mean, how could he not, with all those X's and O's?)

Rewrite Legislation! (and SSP sucks)

That was bad, but the comments about retail infuriated me. I had to close my laptop and cool off after reading some of those comments. What many of those assholes don't understand is that we (people in retail) leave much later than customers do regardless of what time a mall/store closes because we have to clean up their messes. That means we're on the roads a lot later than everyone else and it means we're risking our lives so a couple people can get their overpriced jeans then and there.

It sickens me when malls don't close during a state of emergency because I've risked my life and almost died a couple times trying to get home during a blizzard or severe snowstorm when my mall didn't close early (or altogether). There needs to be solid legislation written about this. When a state of emergency is declared and the roads are restricted to "only essential personnel," people going to shop don't qualify as essential personnel.

Burlington, Northshore, and Emerald Square all closed early on Sunday despite their anticipated expanded holiday hours. South Shore Plaza, however, did not. You can't even blame it on SIMON because they own all those others too. It was solely the decision of the local SSP management team and while I love SSP, I'm disgusted by their decision to stay open. They've lost a customer. Because of this, I'm not shopping there anymore and opting for Burlington (same lineup). You should have seen SSP's Facebook page on Sunday night. Their wall was FILLED with infuriated posts from mothers, fathers, and friends of associates (me included, as I used to work at SSP).