Phoenix to UHub: You got punked

Phoenix Editor Carly Carioli has a short reply to the Dig item - which we, being good little media sponges, sucked right in - about how Entercom might be thinking of buying and shutting down WFNX to move WEEI to FM:

For the record: it's total bullshit.

No doubt Jeff Lawrence is formulating a response at this very moment.



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Except for the simple fact that it is totally believable bullshit.

You are correct...

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The rumor of 'EEI coming to FM has existed since the day the Sports Hub was announced. It will last until it happens, and it is going to happen. The questions are when and what station gets bumped?

If they're not buying FNX

If they're not buying FNX (and that seemed unlikely), there are a lot of nominees. Personally, I vote they wipe 106.7 off the face of the earth, but knowing how these things work, it'll be 92.9.

Greater Media owns both Magic

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Greater Media owns both Magic 106.7 and WBOS 92.9. It's doubtful they would sell to Entercom and if they did it would be really expensive.

The Sox almost wound up on WBOS in '06 which would have converted to all sports, but greater media backed out and Entercom wound up renewing the Sox contract instead.

Thought it was too ironic to be true

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Since the day before, I had heard the Herald was buying the Phoenix so that they could turn it into a rag just for Howie Carr and Michele McPhee columns.

So far Entercom and the

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So far Entercom and the Phoenix are both denying it but it does have some possibility of happening--who knows. For the record:

--WEEI's signal is hampered by having to turn north-south at night to protect other stations. One frustrated WEEI listener
said they had to tune to Cleveland's WTAM AM 1100 for Celts-Cavs because WEEI just wouldn't come in!

--Yes AM is great for after dark broadcasting, with WBZ
hitting "38 states and 6 provinces" but in more than a few cities sports teams have moved to powerful FM signals (plus team "networks". The Pitt. Pirates. The New England Patriots.
The Boston Bruins. In fact for all we know the Sox and
Celts could be on both AM _and_ FM. Where I work, it's
tough to pick up WEEI but Mike 93.7 comes in just fine.
(Mike 93.7 does very well for them though; admittedly Mike moving to 101.7 would be a negative for them but if they feel WEEI can do better on FM...)

As of now, prob won't happen. But who knows.