Red Line shut at JFK when somebody falls on the tracks

For the second night in a row, somebody fell on subway tracks, but this time with a happier outcome.

Boston Fireman reports a man in a wheelchair somehow wound up in the pit at JFK/UMass shortly before 10:30 p.m. Power was shut off northbound and toward both Ashmont and Braintree as fire crews got the man and his chair off the tracks.

Channel 7 tweets the man is 65 and was taken to Boston Medical Center. The incident is, as they say, under investigation.

Last night, around the same time, a man fell on the tracks at the Malden stop on the Orange Line, but he hit the third rail and died.



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So that's why I waited a half hour at DTX last night

After a movie let out at the Paramount Theatre (and Wicked let out at the Opera House next door), I walked to Downtown Crossing and waited a half hour for a northbound Red Line train, which finally arrived around 11 pm.

Now I know why, but the T made no announcements whatsoever at this station. If they had made such an announcement, people would have been quite patient and understanding of the delay.

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what's this photo for?

I guess it's some train station in Japan, but I have no idea why you posted it here (with no caption or comment).

It looks to me

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like the solid wall with doors are designed to line up with a train that comes into the station, and then the train doors will open at the same time as the doors in the wall. Thus preventing people from walking, falling, stumbling, wheeling or being pushed onto the tracks.

more cost effective plan

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how about this for an idea:



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Ever been in a crowded station and had people push you right to the edge? I suspect this happens in Japan all the time.

In Japan

We didn't get to Tokyo -- but getting onto trains and subways in Osaka and Kyoto was quite orderly. No shoving. Trains stopped in exactly the right place -- and loading spots were marked, so people could line up for each door.

The station photos in the

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The station photos in the Wikipedia article look great. Sometimes I forget that we suck.