Remembering the Cocoanut Grove disaster

Boston Fireman reports that he and some other folks placed flowers today on the plaque commemorating the 492 people who died in the Cocoanut Grove fire 68 years ago tonight.





If you know someone who has escaped a fire ...

... you can thank the very active and information-driven response to this tragedy. Many fires have been avoided, and many people have been able to escape fires alive and unharmed because of the building code changes that came out of this disaster, as well as treatments for burns and burn victims. These have saved thousands of lives in the years since this fire.

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I heard that.

I heard this tragic fire did prompt a lot of effort at improving building fire safety. The other story I always here from this fire is the old "Miracle of Holy Cross" story- which I imagine most BC and Holy Cross grads know- and if not- it is summed in paragraph six of this link:

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