Report: East Boston all frenzied over idea of Mayor LaMattina

The East Boston Times reports a "frenzy in the neighborhood" over the possibility that Councilor Sal LaMattina would become city council president, which would make him mayor when Menino quits in the middle of his current term - just like what happened to Menino, except the mayor's expressed little interest in becoming ambassador to the Vatican.



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    The Reins of Power

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    Menino's favorability rating is low due to his effort to close libraries and the murders of young black men that his administration took too long to confront and can't seem to stop. With more revelations sure to come via Chuck Turner, Dianne Wilkerson & other cooperating witnesses amid hard times and spare budgets - Menino will become more and more unpopular. However he leaves office, after 5 terms Bostonians will reject any Council President inheriting the Mayor's office whether there is a hint of Menino choosing a successor or not. There is going to be a real contert for our next Mayor as only Boston can have. If you are too young to remember what that is like, just you wait and pay attention!

    Stop having city services and

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    Stop having city services and the BPS coddle thugs. If thugs couldn't make a secondary income off city services and keep bouncing around BPS with slaps on the wrist they'd either change lifestyles or move to a different city. Stop throwing money at phony preachers and neighborhood organizations (both of which the trigger pullers are never involved with anyway) which are pocketing money to no effect.

    Use the saved money to fund anti-gang units within the police department and the few existing neighborhood organizations which have a proven track record of stopping trigger pullers. Putting the funding to work efficiently and deconstructing the culture, in both the neighborhoods and the abused government services, which enables these thugs needs to be a higher priority.

    Heard that recently

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    I heard that rumor too recently - I agree with the anon above - highly dubious that we will tolerate another anointed mayor when the general election rolls around. Granted, as long as you fix their potholes and kill a few rats, the people are often placated enough to keep you in office. Hopefully we've learned a few lessons across all levels of government.

    The next mayor is going to be extremely challenged with keeping costs under control and dealing with unfunded obligations (according to today's we are second worst in the country based on a recent study of several dozen cities to the tune of $31,000 per household).

    "Frenzy in the Neighborhood"?

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    Hmmm... I was about Eastie the other day and I didn't catch anyone rending their garments, ululating in the streets or frothing at the mouth. Although the thought of "Sal as Mayor" may cause me to do any one if not all three of those things.

    Might have something to do with this.

    Feeney's seat?

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    Word has Feeney having multiple opponents next fall. Wonder if that will play into her vote and or her power inside the chambers.