Scourge of nacho addiction affects even good suburbs

Wicked Local Newton reports two Newton teens were arrested on charges they broke into a concession trailer at a Newton Centre fair and stole three one-ounce bags of Doritos Nacho-Cheese flavored chips. The site adds that by the time police had arrived, the two had already opened two of the three bags.



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      Is it all orange or are you just...nevermind

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      I'm suddenly remembering some joke where some dude's schlong is orange and the punchline was something about "no, just eating Cheetos."

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      Didn't they learn from Tupac?

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      Yes, of course I'm talking about the classic Flash animation, "Mr. T Shot Tupac."
      "Tupac! You ate my bag of chee-tos at the party, didn't ya? Look at'cha fingers! They're ORANGE, Tupac!"

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