Shameless exploitation II: I Survived the Aquapocalypse

I survived the Aquapocalypse

Designer Holly Gordon came up with this nifty aquapocalyptic design. You can get it on a T-shirt, a mug or a mousepad.

But, of course, you also want Aquapocalypse water bottles.



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    Premature exploitation?

    By Andrew on

    I would be too superstitious to wear one of these until the aquapocalypse is over.

    On the other hand, I am looking forward to the "four seahorses of the aquapocalypse" line.


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    I, as well.

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    I, as well.


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    Will see what I can do

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    Unfortunately, Zazzle, which I'm using for the T-shirts, doesn't have bottles (closest they get is beer steins). CafePress has fancy-shmancy bottles that cost $28 each. Anybody know of any other self-service sites that have reasonably priced bottles?

    If they're the good bottles

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    If they're the good bottles and the metal kind, I'd be willing to throw down for some long-lasting humor. Does it cost you anything to create it on the site?

    i think a more nobler cause

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    i think a more nobler cause would be donating to third-world clean water projects. or at least split proceeds between the two. no offense, cuz i love the design and UH, but this "-pocalypse" should really highlight how good we actually have it.


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    Yeah, I mean, this blog is Adam's job and all, but this water thing has got me thinking too about the people who have to go miles to get potable water, and who have way grosser stuff in their water that can't just be boiled out. Would be awesome to contribute to clean water as well.

    How about you do-gooders stop

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    How about you do-gooders stop spending Adam's money for him. He supports his family through this site. If he can make a few bucks selling t-shirts and mugs, let him. Why don't you invest your own money in a business, make a profit and then donate the money as you see fit.

    Um, you've seen this site, right?

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    This site works because of the community and the participation of all sorts of different people in creating perspective that you don't get from the mainstream media. I don't see anyone insisting Adam do anything; people are only making suggestions.

    I haven't paid a dime...

    ...for many hours of informative exchange here on UHub, so I've got no problem voluntarily forking over a modest sum for a nice t-shirt for the benefit of certain offspring!

    What are all those burps

    doing in that sauce pan ;-P

    PS. I'm not going to tell you how to spend the proceeds. Education is perfectly noble cause. How many t-shirts will you have to sell to cover the $216,000 it costs to attend top LACs like Williams or Amherst?


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    Why isn't it available in a thong?

    Here's what to do

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    If it's too late to cancel your order on and order this one, let me know - and e-mail me your address and I'll order one for you (then when you get the "old" one, send that my way).

    Note for everybody else: Offer only applies to folks who ordered the "old" shirt before 8 p.m. on Sunday.