She stands in line for four hours to buy a phone

TKOG recounts her time spent waiting on Boylston Street this morning for a new iPhone. Apple workers handed out cupcakes to the thronging minions.

Lifecycle of an Apple product.



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So don't click through.

*thumbs up*

No need to worry. Molly. I didn't click through. I will admit to reading her diary entry about confronting
people on the bus about taking up two seats, only to confirm my suspicions that it would be obnoxious.

did you wait in line so you could blog about it?

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Many who pre-ordered them got them a day early at their home via FedEx. Not so sure why people prefer to stand in line on Boylston for many hours unnecessarily!

lucky for those who could pre-order!

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Unfortunately, the Boylston store at least stopped offering pre-orders after about twelve hours, and the server was mobbed all day. Lots of people who wanted to pre-order weren't able to!

Cool for her that she found

Cool for her that she found it useful to wait in line for a defective product. Well, not so much defective, as much as requiring user training. It is meant to not work if you hold it in a certain way, just another cool feature of iWorld.