South Boston bar ordered shut for a week because of fight that left one woman with broken nose, another with bruised ribs

The Boston Licensing Board today ordered Slainte, 28 W. Broadway, to shut for a week after hearing testimony that a bar bouncer threw a woman down stairs and did nothing when a crowd outside began kicking her and her girlfriend.

It's the second time in less than a year the board has ordered a weeklong shutdown for Slainte, which replaced another bar that shut after one patron stabbed another to death.

At a hearing on Tuesday, one of the victims and a bar manager gave dramatically different versions of what happened around 1:15 a.m. on a gay-friendly night on Aug. 22 - agreeing only that the woman attempted to re-enter the bar after checking on her car as the bar was beginning to close up.

The woman said a bouncer stopped her from coming back in and when she said fine, she just wanted to go get her girlfriend and friend, still inside, he put his hand on her shoulder and began to push her out. She agreed she pushed back, but said that at that point the bouncer spun her around so hard it snapped her watch off her wrist. Then he pushed her outside and down stairs, breaking her nose. Her girlfriend, seeing the commotion, rushed toward the front and was also pushed down the stairs, she said. Then, a crowd outside began yelling at the pair and kicking them. "We ran away at that time," she told the board, adding bar workers stayed inside the whole time and watched through the windows.

A bar manager, while apologizing to the woman, told the board that, in fact, she had elbowed the bouncer and punched him in the face, and that maybe the reason people outside began jeering and kicking was because the woman was yelling racial epithets at a crowd made up mainly of black women. He said bar staff rushed outside and pulled the attackers off the two.

However, he added he had fired the bouncer because he didn't need any more trouble with the licensing board. He also acknowledged the bouncer is about 6' and roughly 250 pounds, compared to the woman who testified, who is 5'6" and 130 pounds.

The board does not set specific dates for sanctioned clubs to shut, letting them pick them - or appeal to the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission.




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A friend of mine...

...wanted me to host trivia there. I refused...for precisely this reason. Everything that touches that location turns to (expletive.)

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You misread

I said "refused to host trivia", not "tried to have sex with them."

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I don't believe in curses or

By on

I don't believe in curses or karma or anything like that, but I'm definitely starting to think it wouldn't hurt the owners to burn a little sage and tuck away some holy oil in that place. I can think of five sketchier bars in Southie that haven't had half the incidents that address has in the past five years.

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Here's an Idea

Maybe they could find themselves an effective bouncer.

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Is typically a $10-$15/hour job. As is the case with any other profession, you get what you pay for.

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That's the old triple O's

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That's the old triple O's lounge where whitey buried bodies in the basement . It's been a piss hole since the 60's no matter how many times it changes names . Alot longer than 5 years!!!

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Yeah, I know. That's what I

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Yeah, I know. That's what I was making reference to, in fact. It's in the past five years that bars there have tried to class up the spot, with limited success, obviously.

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