Spare Change Guy visits Dorchester

Maybe Spare Change Guy is just tired of Downtown Crossing and the Common? Around 8:30 this morning, Tracey Newman tweets, MBTA police escorted him out of the Savin Hill T stop on the Red Line. Not long after, Dan Tobin spotted him nearby on Dorchester Avenue, asking for, yes, spaaaare chaaaange.



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Andrew Square, too

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I used to see him occasionally as I go into Andrew on my way to work, but not recently. It always seemed like an odd place to assume people have spare change.


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He was tired of looking at the Filene's Hole.

He figured that if the city had any change, it would have used it to change that hole into a building again.

He used to live in Framingham

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And take commuter rail into town. Don't know if that's still the case (Framingham PD once busted him when he tried out his act there).

Commuter rail

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Yeah, I used to see him in North Station (I think getting off of one of the commuter rails), a couple times a week. That place is a madhouse, but you can absolutely hear him from the other side of the terminal because of that voice.

That sound is going to haunt my nightmares for a long time.

I thought I had read about

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I thought I had read about him getting arrested once and he gave an East Boston address.

He spends the money he

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He spends the money he collects on lottery tickets.

He once won $3000 on a

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He once won $3000 on a lottery ticket purchased at City Convenience on Beacon Hill.

However, he is no longer allowed in that store. He asks people to go in and purchase the tickets for him.

Fox 25

Does he still makes regular appearances as the Whack Pack to VB's Howard Stern?

Some group complained

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And Fox 25 had to stop using his 'services'...
The morning I heard that voice, turned around and saw him on the news giving 'advice to keep cool in the summer', I choked on my coffee...

The guy sexually harasses

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The guy sexually harasses women with rather explicit language on occasion. He's banned from many places downtown because of this and his panhandling.

Panhandlers out of control in Boston

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The city has allowed the panhandling situation, especially at intersections, to get completely out of control. I drove thru N. Washington and Causeway around lunchtime yesterday and there were at least four guys, one who could barely stand, aggressively working the corner. On Nashua near the jailanother younger guy with his shirt unbuttoned and falling off him, jumping in and out of traffic within view of the State Police barracks. In Dorchester, Freeport at Morrissey almost always has two or more. I realize the economy is bad but this shouldn't be tolerated. It's embarassing to bring people to the city by car.