Thursday night is going to be crazy

With the loss tonight, the Celtics play Game 7 in LA at 9 PM on Thursday. The Red Sox have announced that they are moving up their game time to 6:10 PM in order to let fans see both games.



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Do Sox need to lose for Celts to win?

So far in the 2010 Finals, the Sox have predicted the Celts outcome: if they win, the C's lose, and vice versa. So with any luck, Lackey will have a suck outing against the Diamondbacks and all will be well in roundball land Thursday night.

A man after my own theory

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It wasn't just the Finals, this has been happening for a couple of weeks now. There was a point where we won all three games (hockey playoffs, NBA playoffs, Sox regular season game). That was May 3rd. The Sox, Celtics, and Bruins would only play on the same night 5 times during the NBA and NHL playoffs. Twice two teams won, once only 1 team won, once nobody won, and once (May 3rd) they all won. A pretty broad distribution of results.

On 25 other nights, only two teams would play (interestingly, it was always the Sox and either the Bruins OR Celtics and never on a Sox off-day did the Celtics AND Bruins play during the playoffs). There were 9 nights where both teams won, 12 where only 1 team won, and 4 more where neither team won. A seemingly decent distribution of likelihoods...except that the last time both teams won was May 22nd...almost a MONTH ago. Since May 23rd, the Celtics and the Red Sox have not won on the same night. You'll have to excuse the Bruins from this weirdness, they bowed out of the playoffs on May 14th...BUT they hadn't won on the same night as another team since their last win of the season on May 5th! It seems that something screwed up the time-space continuum when the Bruins went up 3-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals!

May 7th was the fourth game of the ECF in the NHL and ALL THREE Boston teams lost that night...the only time that has happened since the NBA and NHL playoffs started! It was downhill from there...

The Celtics occasionally won at the same time as the Sox while the Bruins went 0-for-4 and fell out of the playoffs in historic fashion after going up then lose 3-4 on the series. But after the Bruins dropped out of the picture on May 14th, the Celtics only won at the same time as the Red Sox on the 18th and dual wins since then. It was like a faucet that was running full bore just suddenly shut off...a small trickle...then nothing.

For almost an entire month now, the Celtics and Red Sox can not seem to win on the same night. It's maddening.

A man after my own theory

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Kaz...thanks for this! One more thing to look at: the Red Sox have only had three days off between May 1 and June 15 and of those three days, exactly TWO of them had both a 1 and a 3 in the date and were in the same month. The red sox were off May 13 and May 31. they were also off on June 14 and that was on a different month than may and contained a 4, but also contained a 1 (All three days off had a 1 in their dates).

Off days

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Yeah, I did notice that when I was going over the schedule results because I wondered why the Sox were always involved in any of the 2 or 3 teams that would play on the same day and never the Celtics and Bruins...but not the Sox. Then I realized how few off days there were in May and how sparse the two playoff calendars were.

That's very thoughtful of

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That's very thoughtful of them, but there's almost no way the Sox game gets out by tip-off!

To be fair

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Lackey is faster than your average bear.