Twitter photo leads to arrest of alleged Red Line perv

Photos: Twitter (l), bookingPhotos: Twitter (l), bookingMBTA Transit Police report the arrest of a Dorchester man on charges he fondled himself on a crowded Red Line train during the Wednesday afternoon rush hour - based on a photo and description from a tweeting commuter.

Nay, a rider on the train, spotted the man and posted his photo as the train was between MGH/Charles and Park Street:

#mbta pervert on the 2nd car of the red line going to Braintree just passed Charles help me report him in hat

After another Twitter user urged him to contact MBTA police, he added:

currently talking to mbta officials at park he was putting lube on himself and touching himself. Saw it as I got up n took pic

Lawrence Maguire, 59, of Dorchester, was charged with open and gross lewdness after his arrest last night - not long after the T released a wanted poster using Nay's photo and description.

Innocent, etc.



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    As long as the person tweeting knew he was doing somethign inappropriate and not just scratching himself too much...

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    Of they really saw him

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    Of they really saw him putting lube on it sounds a little bit more than that.. Gross.

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    I'd say if you're using lube

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    I'd say if you're using lube it's more than just scratching. Definitely GROSS lewdness.

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    older-generation pervs

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    First a 65-year old perv now a 59-year old perv. What's with those baby-boomers?

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    changing times

    I think it might be the lack of awareness on the part of older pervs of the ubiquity of things like cell phone cameras. Cell phone cameras have truly been a game-changer, as the number of pervs arrested thanks to the efforts of amateur photographers over the last few years shows.

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    I also wonder if these old

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    I also wonder if these old pervs used to be young pervs back when this thing was more rampant. I think about one of the stock characters from 1980s New York, the flasher (one even appeared in the opening credits of the sitcom Kate and Allie). Once upon a time when urban society seemed to be crumbling some of these weirdos may have been able to get away with that kind of crap a bit more. Now people seem more inclined to report junk like that and there's more cameras to catch the perv. I remember reading about another T perv on universal hub. The guy had taken his dick out on the train and the woman sitting nearby, who presumably this was intended for, had the reaction of not freaking out or screaming or something but said "Are you kidding me?" and notified the T personnel. I think once upon a time people, and especially women, felt more helpless to deal with this and frightened of what would happen to them whereas now people seem to be more comfortable putting these pervs in their place

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