Waking up BU students during finals week



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    Once again...

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    Once again proving BU has no originality.


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    I'm pretty sure that was 6 minutes of pure originality.

    I'm pretty sure nothing in

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    I'm pretty sure nothing in that video is something that hasn't been done before. Hell, BU already did one of these before themselves. Yawnnn

    As a BU student, I resent

    As a BU student, I resent your comment, but I cannot counter that the video is not flattering. Did you have to publish this...?

    My Bad

    I didn't have time to think of what I was writing, I mean post it. I know it is already out (obviously), but I wish it was on this blog. The less it is distributed, the better it is to me.


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    Hell, the link above is directly from BU's own webservers. The university clearly sees no problem with it.

    I live on the B line and this

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    I live on the B line and this video is a pretty good representation of the bulk of BU's student body ...

    The dean of students seems happy with it

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    In fact, Kenn Elmore put it on his Web site (he's also the guy at the beginning commenting on the cherubs).

    The thing that probably took all that time to arrange was getting all the students in the right places with the right signs and what not for the filming. There's actually a tradition at a number of colleges doing this sort of campus walkabout set to music - well, at least over the past couple of years.

    Here's another "lipdub," from the University of Quebec in Montreal:

    And here's a MetaFilter discussion where people seem to be split like here - some people like them and some people despair of the future of humanity.

    Love 'em!

    I love lipdubs. The BU one may not have been perfect but it gets points for trying. Shows school spirit, for god's sake. (There are a couple of better-quality ones out there.)

    I'd say the 'I got a feeling' one from Quebec is the one by which most others are judged. It's great.

    There are two online somewhere, a competition between two high schools. One does a mediocre job and challenges the other school to respond - which is does, by making its own lipdub and performing it ... backwards.

    The "choreography" of these are so good.


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    The whole point of the "no originality" first anon poster is that there are other colleges doing these one-take video lipdubs. But BU holds its own pretty well on this one especially by including the interlude/setup at the beginning with Dean Elmore and Rhett.

    I only wish they hadn't used "Tik Tok" from Ke$ha...a shitty artist and a shitty song. But otherwise, fun to watch.