Walshgate: How come top Mass. Dem couldn't hook up with Rachel Maddow by more traditional means?

UPDATE: Maddow declares she isn't running; appreciates a good joke as much as anyone.

OK, so it was kind of interesting this morning that some people had set up a Facebook page to try to convince MSNBC talent and Northampton resident Rachel Maddow to run against Scott Brown in 2012 (they're now 5.2% of the way toward their goal of getting 10,000 people to sign up). It got even funner this afternoon when John Walsh, chairman of the Democratic State Committee, got wind of the boomlet and posted what sure seemed like it was meant to be a private message on the Tweety:

Some are talking about you running vs Scott Brown in '12. I'm Chair of MA Dem Party. My email is [email protected] cell-617-650-9311

Apparently I'm not the only one disappointed to learn that politicians don't have instant access to everybody's phone numbers (you know how losing candidates always call the winning candidate on election night - where do they get their phone numbers from?) - there's now a Twitter discussion on #walshgate. And please, for goodness sake, don't go calling Walsh and asking if his refrigerator is running.

Amy Derjue, who has some familiarity with Twitter issues, provides this thought:

#walshgate is like clicking "reply to all" in Outlook. But to the whole internet. Cue overwhelming paranoia whenever DMing from now on.



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Never going to happen...

Maddow's strength is as a political analyst. From what I can gather about her, I feel she would not be comfortable as part of the process that she so eloquently skewers every night. She is the only real journalist on television today and I anxiously await her replacing the weak David Gregory on "Meet the Press".

I agree Maddow may be popular

I agree Maddow may be popular with the liberal left of the state and will have the money but we already tried running a woman who had resources and was popular with the left this time around and it did not pan out so well. I doubt Maddow would be willing to leave her post to run for the seat, which she would have to do at some point if she were to run. I also doubt that she would be willing to fight her way through a primary and then a general election with Mr.Personality himself Scott Brown. Thanks to Martha Coakley the Democrats now have a situation where if the candidate does not make herself/himself seen everywhere the narrative becomes that our candidate is aloof. I am not opposed to a celebrity running but it would need to be one who willing to hit the streets hard. She has so much ahead of her, a true rising star in media, why would she stunt that with a US Senate run? She is better off taking the Al Franken route, run for a seat after you have peaked but are still well known.

Maddow vs Brown?

I'm just going to apply your own logic to your argument, which I'll summarize as, don't run another candidate who is the same sex as a previous losing candidate. Therefore, we can run neither a man nor a woman. I agree it's time for a trannie. But in all seriousness, Martha Coakley was a terrible candidate. Who knows, she may have made a great senator, but you can't get that far unless you shake some hands, something she apparently didn't want to do.

"the only real journalist on television today....."

Hey dvdoff, okay, okay.... reading "Maddow's strength is aas a political analyst" got my eyes rolling upwards, but after reading the "She is the only real journalist on television today" statement in your post I laughed so hard with a full mouthful of coffee that I pffffffffffffffffft'd it all over my nice, new monitor. Please give a little bit of a warning before coming out with such hilarious 'observations' in the future!

Real Journalist

Shep is a lib news anchor so he is probably the closest to a journalist. O'Rielly & Hannity are opinion shows, not news shows nor are they journalists. Maybe that is where you are having your problem. You don't know what a journalist is. Madcow is just another opinion show not a news show.

Well, close

From the amount of absurd ignorance and research fail I've seen McPhee spew in the Metro, I'd be more likely to call her a Urinalist.

Except, well, she might have trouble using one.

Yeah, right.

Michele (one L on Facebook!) McPhee is a very sad character. I wonder how many times she's sat on a stool at Kelley's on Bennington Street, waiting for that married State cop to show up, which 7 times out of 10 he doesn't.


Got a link for that? She's "not a journalist"? Any of u have ANY proof [from NON rw smear sites, of course] that she's been inaccurate? Of course not....fauxholics, lol!


John's a mega-tweeter, right up there with Steve Garfield in those I follow. He goofed up, but in a small way. He should have directed that message just to one recipient. In fact, in a follow-up, he teases, "Oops. You caught me doing my job. All is fair, so I'll tell you who once I get to 1000 followers. Spread the word. ;)"

Yes, yes, yes, replete with smiley.

He's not bothered by it. I would be amazed if he weren't grooming likely candidates for any open spot. Tweet on, John.

Ahhh, terrific. I so do hope

Ahhh, terrific. I so do hope she runs. Maybe the 20 or 30 people who watch MSLSD will vote for her. Why stop there? Why not draft Keith (lunatic) Overbite to run, too? They can spew their venom and expose themselves and their statist agendas to the country thus insuring a conservative victory in 2010 and 2012.
I'm loving it......

LSD is so 60s

... and, ew, that e stuff makes you hug people!

Faux News addicts much prefer their oxycontin or meth! Gives them an edge when they pick up that high powered rifle for some special high caliber lovin.


I don't get it. The Democrats had career politicians in just about every important office in the state, they had at least a year to think about a replacement for Ted Kennedy, and they had an open primary to pick their most popular candidate... who turned out to be someone they now agree was a "weak candidate." Now, rather than tap what ought to be a deep reservoir of talent, they're seriously considering an airhead TV news reader with zero experience in public office? If that's the best you guys can do, no wonder you lose.


Well, she reads the news commentary on a show she designs and directs.

So, jt ... would you like to spew more presumptive misogyny, or do you have something more fact fortified to talk about?

no one believes they are

no one believes they are really going to die
or anyone else for that matter. I am relieved
the people Obama has on board see the importance of end of life issues
and the responsibility of a caring government to assist in some
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Seriously..are you a moron?

That teleprompter line is pure Sean Hannity. She's a Stanford grad and a Rhodes scholar for God's sake. Find me one person at Fox News with that pedigree. Oh, wait, Gretchen Carlson was Miss America, Steve Doocy was a weatherman and Sean Hannity was a bartender. Talk about people reading stuff made up. And where were all those idiot teapartiers when were blowing up the deficit with a war we did not need to fight?

" if the US is still a country in '12 "

I want to start a band called Apocalyptic Morons to drowned out the caterwauling and ignorance of the regressive voices who have focused their discontent on the black man who Americans elected president and the Democratic party he leads. F*ck you assholes. We reject your fear-mongering and ignorance and won't roll over so you can elect knuckle-draggers, who want to invade middle eastern countries that had nothing to do with Al Queda, who would rather have a depression than a recession, who would pass a Medicare drug benefit but not raise taxes to pay for it, and who would drive the economy to the brink of disaster driven by an ideological bias for unfettered free markets and deregulation without the slightest notion of how reckless those policies are.

What a way with words.

What a way with words. Invectives and hatred are always winning arguments for you. And such an unbiased reasoning. Just remember that it is the knuckle-dragging morons who protect your right to spew insults at those who happen to disagree with your slant.

It really is about God

"...for God's sake". Thanks for bringing God into this. We'll all be hearing His opinion on all things, including this discussion. Don't worry about when, He'll find us for that final evaluation where we find out just what we really thought of Him by our actions in this life. We can know God by reading the Holy Bible (not "made up") and follow God's remedy for all our shortcomings (sins) which He will have to reconcile before He permits us into His Heaven and keep us out of Hell. That remedy is a person, Jesus Christ, a "Calvary Road" scholar who by Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree. Trust Jesus to reconcile you to God. He can. He will... for whoever calls upon His name in sincerity. I did. Won't you? Please do. Then you'll have real peace and we'll be "brothers".


She has more smarts than your fat ass! Maybe she needs to write on her hand instead? LOSER!