We look forward to Shaq throwing in relief for the Sox this April

Shaq: Is there nothing he can't do?



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With that much bulk, if he just sits on the ice he might stop 8 out of 10 shots. Get some reflex action on the glove hand and who knows?



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You're giving away my rec league technique!


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OP made me think more of Stars on Ice.

Something he can't do: conduct

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The metronomic machine known as the Boston Pops managed to play in the correct tempo despite whatever was going on on the podium.

Near the end of the clip, you see Keith Lockhardt, off to the side of the stage, conducting the orchestra through a ritardando. That's the secret.


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I'm quite certain the Boston Pops could play Sleigh Ride with their eyes closed and one hand tied behind their backs.

I've played in many a less-skilled orchestra in which one of the annual fundraisers was an auction to "conduct" the orchestra for the holiday pops, and the piece was always Sleigh Ride, and the orchestra stayed together just fine. No conductor necessary.

The cues were for "We are the Champions"

Indeed the Pops could play Sleigh Ride with their eyes closed, but Lockhart's cues were for the singers at the end of "We are the Champions." And from the sound of it, not many of them noticed his cues. They were probably transfixed by His Shaqness.


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Aren't you cute thinking you just decrypted the Voynich Manuscript with that cutting insight on whether Shaq was really leading the orchestra or not?

"metronomic machine" Wow, I

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"metronomic machine"

Wow, I love that phrase. Describes everything I've felt about the Pops since the current maestro began his tenure. Very flashy, no soul.

I'll say it again...

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I'm really glad he's here. This town hasn't had a remotely interesting off-field/court/ice sports figure since Manny was shown the door. Just another reason to love this city.

Shaq, just remember

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to acknowledge the orchestra too when you take a bow!