Why, yes, this would be a good weekend for a fire at BU

Boston and Brookline firefighters responded to BU's College of Arts and Sciences building, 685 Comm. Ave., for an electrical fire in the basement shortly before 6 p.m. The all-out was signaled around 6:25 p.m.



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    Well that explains why I saw

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    Well that explains why I saw several fire engines racing down Comm Ave from Allston. That was at 7, I guess things are not going so well?

    I'm suprised the fire engine

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    I'm suprised the fire engine didn't hit any stupid frosh on Comm Ave. I made the mistake of driving down to the Hong Kong Market when I ran out of nori ... people weren't even looking -- parents, too. I'd say I couldn't believe it, but that's not really true. Pretty much par for the course.