Wipers up or down?

What's the consensus?

Katy Aronoff: "Definitely wipers up. Scraping the ice out from around the wipers is no fun."

Kimbo Bimbo: "I have lived places w/ more snow than Boston and nobody else puts their wipers up. Dumb."

Andreas: "I think those who don't put their wipes up are the dumb ones. People in Boston are just way smaht!"

Rox: "Used to put blades up, but now I have a Subaru with heated wipers, so no need anymore."

Via Kate Weldon LeBlanc.



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    oh! thanks for the

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    oh! thanks for the reminder!
    def up!

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    hate cold weather

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    up so they aren't buried and easier for snow removal.

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    I leave them down. I have

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    I leave them down.

    I have lived in New England all my life and I have never had a problem. I just put them when I go to shovel off my windshield. Wipe them down my gloves, scrape the ice off the windshield, and go.

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    Unless it's going to be windy, like today.

    The issues is the snow that gets under the wipers. Plus, you have to lift them anyway to clean the snow. Why not skip the step of putting your hand into ice cold snow to lift the wiper?

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    Hah, I wondered if this would be a topic of discussion again.

    Since I had been out (buying a season's worth of ice melt), and my car was nice and warm, I wasn't about to leave my wipers down and have the water freeze them to the windshield. Maybe they won't stick, but at least once I've ruined a blade trying to free it, so never again.

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    If the snow is going to be wetslop - UP, because my wipers will freeze to the glass and can get damaged.

    If the snow is light and not icy - down, because one swipe and it will be gone.

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    Had mine snaped off in

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    Had mine snaped off in Southie, no more ups for me and I didnt park in anybodys spot either.....

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    Had mine snaped off in

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    Had mine snaped off in Southie

    Snape kills Dumbledore!

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    leaving them up stretches out the springs.

    so, wipers down. Start your car and turn on the defroster = problem solved.

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    The Wipers are back!!!!!

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    Here we go again. I don't know why it bugs me but it does. I'd really like to interview the people that do this. I wonder what other odd behaviors they have.

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