Word slow to reach Mattapan Line that riders don't need a permit to take photos

Guy reports (click to expand) a driver on a Mattapan trolley told him to stop videoing out the back window because he didn't have a permit - which the T stopped issuing three years ago when it decided to allow non-commercial photography.




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The link to the '07 UH

The link to the '07 UH article states in its first bullet point: "This policy does not apply to video/film recording, or commercial photography - which still requires a special permit."

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Here's the actual policy

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Here's the actual policy --


It makes no distinction between still images versus video for personal use.

In order to provide the highest level of security to its customers and employees, the MBTA requires that any person on or in MBTA property or vehicles taking non-commercial/personal use photographic or video images, including, but not limited to film, digital, or video recording (hereinafter referred to as “pictures”) of MBTA property, vehicles, or employees, must provide proper identification (see Part IV, Procedure) upon request of an MBTA Transit Police Officer or other MBTA Official.

No permit is required for non-commercial/personal use pictures taken in public areas.

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So in other words, the MBTA employee was correct in their request.
Hmph....somebody is owed somebody an apology.

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