You all stayed out of arroyos in the flooding, right?

Flooded tracksWhere'd the tracks go? Bconstant photographed the flash floods in Union Square.

David Cavell took these two photos from the Airport station on the Blue Line; wonders what possessed the driver of the car to try to Warp Speed it through the water:

More flooding

Meridith Spencer watched the new waterfall at Downtown Crossing:

DTX flooding

Let's see what was flooded out: The Jamaicaway, Storrow Drive, Land Boulevard, Washington Street and McGrath Highway in Somerville. Cars reported trapped in water in Dorchester and West Roxbury; cars on McGrath might be under 15 feet of water (15 feet?!?).

The Boylston stop on the Green Line was shut due to flooding - like a waterfall down the stairs which is then going onto the tracks.

Train photo posted under this Creative Commons license.



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    Hiding Park

    What a bunch of sissies! We trotted down the hill to the alleged 10th annual Hyde Park art festival -- Logan to Cleary Squares and beyond. The signs said canceled for rain.

    It wasn't raining. It did and we got soaked, but that was short and over long before the scheduled 4 p.m. start. Harrumph.

    We ended up at TC's and had good coffees and a not-too-sweet blueberry scone. The farmer's market was open too -- nice squash at $1 a pound.

    Hey, New England...passing showers...and like that. This is our first year after moving from JP and our first go at the arts show. Is it true the farther away you get from downtown the more weather sensitive you get?

    Was it an outdoor art

    Was it an outdoor art festival?

    If so it takes hours to set up for outdoor events and even a half hour of pounding rain and winds during set up periods or after set up periods can do lots of damage and undo prep work. Also if it is art then the art could be ruined. Do you think someone just tweets "hey lets all go have an art show" and everyone shows up 15 minutes later?


    There were to be tables set up on the sidewalks as well as indoor venues, like the Riverside Theatre. The tables could have gone up or down in a few moments. The inside sites needed only an outdoor sign. ...totally lame.

    Snooze and lose

    The signs just say canceled. The event posters list no rain date. The whole thing seems half-hearted to me. I suppose we're to wait until the December open studios.

    Hyde Park ArtScene just plain cancelled

    I e-mailed [email protected] to ask about a rescheduled date, but he said there isn't one.

    I don't think it was wrong to scrub the event for Saturday, but it s lame not to have a rain date. (Somerville had a Boston Handmade Marketplace scheduled for Union Square on Saturday; it was postponed to Sunday.)

    Plymouth got hammered with rain

    I was at the Plymouth Harbor Folk Festival when the rain started around 4 pm. They intrepidly tried to go on with the show for a few minutes even after the rain became torrential, but it soon became evident that this was unsafe for the performers as water began to hit the various electrical equipment there. The driveway next to Plymouth Rock quickly flooded.

    Having heard the forecasts I

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    Having heard the forecasts I was following the animated radar map on An angry red blob was bearing down on my town from the southwest, but fell apart as it came over, only to reconstitute itself after heading northeast.


    Pretty much all of Cambridgeport and Area 4 looked like this, and Storrow at Mass. Ave was a doozy for these folks on both the Eastbound and Westbound sides.


    A Starbucks with sandbags

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    A Proper Bostonian chronicles a journey down Mass. Ave in Cambrdge; photographs flooding and a Starbucks using sandbags to keep out the impromptu river (Starbucks: Ready for anything!).


    What in the world is powering through a flooded street supposed to get you? OMG, dude, that shit's not snow! I swear it was the rooster tail from his Michelins that flooded him out. LOL

    Somerville police station flooded. Police cars flooded too

    The main Somerville police station in Union Square is closed due to flooding, and they've had to move all police operations to a tiny storefront substation in Teele Square. A witness reports:

    We came home around 5pm to see tow trucks dragging flooded police cars out from under about 3 feet of water.

    Traffic along Somerville Ave. from the Target to Union Square is pretty backed up, since the flooded cars are being stowed on the street with their hoods and trunks open to air out.

    Read more about it here

    Brattle Theatre closed, lobby flooded

    from Facebook:

    Brattle Theatre What a storm! Unfortunately our lobby was under about 2 feet of water! We're mopping up and waiting for approval to reopen, so we recommend calling the box office at 617 876-6838 to confirm Saturday night/Sunday afternoon shows. Sorry for the inconvenience - we'll update as soon as we know more!

    RE: Union square commuter

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    RE: Union square commuter rail picture.

    Looks like a good opportunity to throw in some detergent and get rid of that graffiti.

    Trader (glub) Joe's

    The underground Trader Joe's on Boylston was closed by flooding. They had just set up pumps when I walked by around 5. You might want to call before heading over there on Sunday.


    I was going to do my office resupply run on Monday. Drat.


    This is the weather chart for yesterday from a weather station on the Green Building at MIT. Note the last chart, which has the rainfall rate.


    The station recorded about 2.5 inches of rain - and that mostly came down in an hour.

    I think all of it came up out

    I think all of it came up out of our toilet except for what flooded the laundry room and bike room/storage bins in our building :( -- naturally, we have stuff in a storage bin.


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    How will you pay for repairs? Do you have insurance or did you call a hotline for help or information? How much damage was done other than that?

    Don't you eat that yellow snow...

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    ...or go tubing in sewage outfall. Some of those photos of the Union Square area were great, but it did make me feel very squeamish seeing fun-loving folks slip into bathing trunks and break out the inner tubes for some hi-jinks in flooded out Union Square. Please remember that when we get rain like this it all mixes in with the sewer (that would be where the ka-ka goes) and once it gets overloaded (seems to be happening with greater regularity, or is that just me?) well, you probably don't want to be splashing through it. One of the news reports mentioned firemen getting "decontaminated" after one of the rescues.

    If people feel iffy about jumping into the Charles River, then you should definitely think twice before tubing the streets of Greater Boston during one of these little rain events.

    Highlight for me: driving past the Scuba shop on Washington Street by the Holiday Inn in Somerville with water cresting over the hood of my Subaru.


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