100,000 without power; National Guard called up

Gov. Patrick, looking like he just got off a plow, just informed us that the heavy, wet snow is snapping power lines all over the place. He said he declared a state of emergency and that, as a precautionary measure, activated 250 Guard members just in case they're needed to help get people to shelters.

Meanwhile, Amtrak is six feet under; no clue when service will be restored.



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Amtrak status

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According to their website: ``Amtrak plans to operate a normal schedule from New York City to points in New England and Upstate New York on Thursday, January 13.

Crews have repaired damage from a winter storm that curtailed Amtrak service north of New Haven, CT.''

Apparently some trees fell on the overhead power lines in MA.

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Our power went out at 10PM last night

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And didn't come on again until 12:30 this afternoon. It was down to 55 in the basement.
Cause was a faulty transformer though, not directly caused by snow/ downed branches.

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