30 roses for 30 women

Well, 26 women and 4 girls. Guy bought 30 roses yesterday and handed them out in the Public Garden:

Via NoMad Blogger.



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did he only give them to female-bodied folks?

Maybe because a random guy

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Maybe because a random guy giving a flower to a fellow dude - even in our enlightened hub - still runs the risk of having his intentions misunderstood in a potentially confrontational manner?

How about we just take it for the goofy sweet video experiment it was?

Why not?

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Why not give them to only female-bodied folks?

I thought it was great.

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I thought it was great. Making someone smile is good quality.

These comments are why we can't have nice things

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Wow, people. A guy wanted to hand flowers to women.

If he wanted to give them to men too, he would have. He didn't. Imagine that, a heterosexual (no proof that's true actually) acting like a heterosexual. If a guy made a video of himself handing roses to only men throughout the Garden, I'm not going to decry that he should have been giving them to women too. It's his prerogative. If you wanted him to give them to everyone regardless of gender, then that probably says more about your projection. You're more than welcome to do the same thing he did but hand them out regardless of gender. Take a video and post it. That'd probably make more people happier in the end than crapping on his efforts to make some people happy.

Also, that was hardly smug. Yeesh.

Ever feel like...

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Boston's just that scene from PCU were Jeremy Piven's pleading with people just once not to protest? To just let something go down and not get mad at it. To not treat every act like it's a civil rights violation. There are days I'm glad it's not the other extreme, but there are other days when it makes me not want to drag my white male hetero oppressor ass out of the house.

I don't think Boston as a

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I don't think Boston as a whole is that bad at all.
Certain sectors and UH posters sure are.

Question, if he was handing

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Question, if he was handing out $100 like that Secret Santa guy, would you still think it's creepy?